Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator Loose Powder Review

Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator Loose Powder

Hello everyone,

Just two days back, I was out shopping and just had two main things on my grab list . The highly recommended (by dear kimi :)) Revlon touch and glow cream and The Maybelline primer I have been looking for almost a month now. This was like the 10th place I asked about the primer, but still received the same answer, β€œOUT OF STOCK” grrrr….. I have given up all hopes on finding it at any Maybelline counter now . πŸ™Β  I could not even buy the touch and glow cream as they didn’t have tester for it. As I was slowly sulking away to leave the REVLON counter, I saw REVLON, SKINLIGHTS FACE ILLUMINATOR LOOSE POWDER” I could quickly recollect an instance when this MUA used it on me and said its not easily available. I got it swatched on my hand, liked the way it looked and tada, I got it . πŸ™‚

revlon skinlights face illuminator loose powder

NOW, most of us are aware of the other skin lights face illuminator lotion version. I find this appropriate for oily skin as compared to that. Pricing of both the products is same.

What the Product Claims …
-This translucent, oil-free, skin-brightening loose powder sweeps on for silky radiance.
-The unique formula features light-reflective crystal color and skin-enhancing minerals to instantly brighten skin, soften flaws and boost radiance. Vitamins C and E help improve skin tone.


revlon skinlights face illuminator loose powder box

Price, Rs. 710 for 21 gm of quantity

Skinlights Face Illuminator Loose Powder comes in a small, round plastic jar. The pearlescent ivory, plastic jar is a little over 2″ high and is about 2.75″ wide. The jar is divided into two halves that unscrew so that you can get to the bottom jar. The top half, which has a lid that simply pulls up, contains a little face brush that has its own little spot inside so that it won’t move around. The bottom half of the jar contains the loose powder.

The white, plastic-handled brush is very flat but is actually cute, small and soft. The handle could be a little bigger, but overall it’s a nice brush considering the fact that it’s included free. The bristles are very soft.

revlon skinlights brush

revlon skinlights box

revlon skinlights sifter

The Revlon Skinlights Illuminator comes in five shades,
*Natural Light (the lightest one and the one I got, The color of the product itself is a shimmery peach. ),
*Bare Light
*Warm Light
*Golden Light (the darkest).
*Bronze Light
I could judge about the appropriate shade for me after testing it, there is no indication of exactly which color one should use, so you have to make a β€œguesstimate” based on your skin tone if you don’t get to use a tester. So I would advise you to purchase this at a store with an exchange/refund policy.

My Experience:

When I first opened up my container of Face Illuminator Loose Powder, I was met with that familiar, wonderful Skinlights scent that nearly all of their products have and I love it. The next thing I noticed when I unscrewed the top half of the container and pulled back the paper covering that covered the sifter holes was that this stuff looks nice shimmery.
The mistake I made the first time I used this illuminator was to use way too much. This is not a product that is meant to replace your current loose or pressed powder. This product is meant to simply highlight and brighten the face on the whole or for highlighting in select places. If you want to put it all over your face, you certainly can – but no matter how you use it, you will want to use it sparingly! Because I used too much, my skin looked downright sparkly (shining disco ball) – I had to take it off and start over, with a lighter hand this time. So, this is what I did for my last night’s outing, first, applied my foundation, I dipped my brush in this powder and swirled it in the cap, tapped of excess, and applied it to the tops of my cheek bones, brow bones, a tiny bit on my nose, for head, and chin. It gives me a glow, like I’ve had a full nights rest. My skin looked natural, dewy, and healthy. Just a little bit of the powder goes a long way. It is is actually better to use the small brush that is included with the powder because it’s smaller and picks up less powder than your normal face brush would.


Revlon Skinlights face illuminator
Unblended powder
Revlon Skinlights face illuminator blended
Revlon Skinlights face illuminator blended
Revlon Skinlights face illuminator blended
Revlon Skinlights face illuminator blended

Revlon Skinlights face illuminator on finger tips

FINALLY! coming to THE MOST IMPORTANT PART, which will interest all of us much more than the product itself… I GOT THIS WALLET FREE FREE FREE πŸ˜› Revlon is running this scheme on a min. purchase of Rs. 700. I could just meet the mark, as this was for Rs.710 πŸ˜›


Summing up its pros and cons

Pros of Revlon Skinlights face illuminator Loose Powder

  • Highlights and brightens skin really well ,undoubtedly,
  • The powder scent is clean and fresh, not heavy or irritating.
  • The powder is very fine and silky smooth, spreads easily. It feels good on the skin too.
  • The Skin Lights Illuminator is a good option for formal parties preferably at nights. The shine is a little extravagant – but looks good again for formal parties.
  • Even though I have sensitive skin ,I haven’t faced any problems as such. No itching. It comes off easily on washing.
  • Oily skinned beauties, this is your thing. πŸ™‚
  • I also like how multipurpose this product is. I can use it on my face, as an eye shadow (use a q-tip to dab it into the inner corners of my eyes, or use a brush to use it as a highlight on my brow bones), or I can put some into my foundation/moisturizer/body lotion to get a barely there glow.
  • The package comes with its own brush.

Cons of Revlon Skinlights face illuminator Loose Powder

  • Must be used sparingly, very easy to use too much (read experience, shining disco ball πŸ˜› )
  • Can be difficult to get the application right for beginners!
  • Not for casual wear.
  • Find it a little expensive
  • The packing doesn’t come any smaller – which is bad, since the available one would perhaps last a lifetime, and more!

In a nutshell, the Revlon SkinLights Face Illuminator is pretty good, though I don’t recommend it to be used it every day. But when your skin is tired or lacking some oomph, you can definitely get this illuminator out as the results are worth it.

So go ahead – Shine Tonight girlie!

Have you used Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator Loose Powder ? Please rate in the box below

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204 thoughts on “Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator Loose Powder Review

  1. Great review Noopur, I was eying on this from long back.
    Very recently in one of my friend’s engagement the beautician used this on my friends face, it was really looking good.

  2. SA had shown this to me at the Revlon counter….mere paise khatam ho gaye the…so i told her dnt need it…lekin mast review hai Nupur… :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  3. Coool review Noopur!! :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: I have the liquid tube version of this illuminator, which I apply sometimes on my cheeks when I go out at night!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ …And too bad you didn’t get the touch and glow cream!! :((..he he..but me happy for your purchase and the free wallet!! :-* :-*

    1. i have the liquid waala too… but find dis better now… πŸ™‚
      n dat day i really wished i cud call u n ask which touch n glow do u always recco, pink wala ya yellow wala.. ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:)

  4. You know I have used this in shade bronze. My neighbour had this and she showed it to mw.. it’s a gorgeous powder, Noopoor… Enjoyy!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    1. Rati/Jomo/Farha – I wanted those rings..but no money :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( do I know what my finger size is..they have written some mm dimension..that is diameter of the ring is it? I should take one scale and measure now….but I want money…anybody wants to contribute to “Get Poor Rads a Saaada Sa Chota Saaaaa Tiffany ka Ring Fund” ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:)

      1. Rads u go to any jeweller..they hav thses long steel sticks kinds thng with measurement…they put ur ring in it and tell the size…if u dnt wanna go to a jeweller…go to any SS outlet whwre they hav gili/kiah counter…they measure ur ring and tell u….and me collecting money for Tiffany locket tooo :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug:

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                1. :toothygrin: :toothygrin: I mailed Jomol…she will be furious..I told her minimum amount 500 :toothygrin: errr…sorry 😐 😐 :dog: :dog: no :toothygrin:

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                2. i contribute 500 .. paise… kiske account mein jama karwana hai 500 paise..dua dena mujhe , bechare tiffany hungry log :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank:

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  5. Nice review Noopur! :waytogo: I was almost abt to get this but they no tester available to I skipped it. Like your free wallet! They gave me pouch/ purse kinda thing about a month I’m wishing it was a wallet!

        1. err….i think bare light will go well thn… or why to take chance since its an expensiv product ankita, buy it from a place whr thy can show u testers… πŸ™‚

  6. i have used this and I do like it ..though i am more of a blush type person these does work great as a bronzer..totally recommend it tooo.. :yes:

  7. hey Noopur………..great review :waytogo: :waytogo:
    I love illuminating powders… colorbar one is dried now….so i’ll get this soon :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :thanks: :thanks:

    1. Jinal me wanted to ask u…which prmer is better…Clinique pore minimiser or Giordani face primer ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:)

        1. No Naina…we pooor ppl..rads and farha…we cannnot afford all these luxuries…we will just ask questions and satisfy ourselves with dreams….we are saving and struggling and waiting for donations everything for ordinary tiffany only…. :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: ….we will give receipts also for the donations…hand written….I have a lovely handwriting :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: tiny tiny fingers naaa..but I will sacrifice buying a ring for my fingers…will manage with locket :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep:

          1. haan hum bht garreb, dukhiyaari hain…sirf sapne dekhke khush hote hain..apne bachchon ko khali dibbe dete hain khelne ke liye..Jomo ki tarah nahi jo bachchco ko kabuki dte hain…humare paas sirf kharredne ki aasha hai…jo bhi dayaalu log paise denge locket eke manage kar lenge jaise taise…. :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep:

              1. i hav had this tastessss amaaaaaaazzing..isspecially hazelnut flavour…chalega naina 5 5 acket bhej do… :starving: :starving: :starving: :starving: :starving: :starving:

                    1. Gosh..i sooo wish u cud cum to delhi…so that we cud meet… :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

                    2. Farha………..Clinique is better… minimises my pores and makes skin smoother. O:)
                      Giordani is fine too….but it does no good to the pores…. 😐 ….yes in both the make-up stays longer.
                      But personally I keep CLinique for special ocassions and Giordani is daily purpose kind of :yahoo:

                    3. Oh thanku Jinal…. :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

      1. abhi tak shopping khatam nahin hui hai… pata nahin apni shaadi ho rahi hai ki bil ki.. :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank:

        1. err Rati..tumne hi to bola tha base makeup shud be the best…me only following ur directions…. :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :dog:

    1. me got lotion tooo shyna… like dis one over dat now… :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:
      lotion winters mei n yeh thru out the yr i ll use now…!!

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    1. i wrote that in the messg Radsu..we giv receipts..we no cheating…we will buy tiffany lockets only frm that money and send photeeeesssssss O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)

  10. hey i Remember, i ‘ve used this Once after bOrrowing it frOm my FrieNd,,,this is SoOo nIce and i alsO like the Wallet.. the coLour is SOoo nIce..

    Great Review.. :inlove: :inlove: :hypnotized: :hypnotized:

    1. Dear Priya

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      Farha and Rads O:) O:)

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        1. Piggy and 50% money also….Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: PRIYA IS THE BEST :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep:

          1. farha shukriya…with 50% of the collected money….thankyou very much O:) O:) O:) O:)
            Rads…its plastic empty piggy which you will fill it with IMBB ka generous money donation O:) O:)

            1. Priya:

              After giving you crown, we cannot entertain any further discussion on the topic. We keep the piggy bank and money, as agreed by Rads and Farha, you keep the crown.

              Farha and Rads (no more angels)

              1. Yes Priya…zyaada lalach achi baat nahi hai…hum tumhe crown ke saath duyaa bhi dete hain… O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)

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          1. Give us the makeup, Rati (us = Farha and Rads). We will sell it to good loving homes and use that money for our fund. The wise say “charity is the best makeup.” You will be glowing with your inner goodness shining through O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)

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          1. Fartu….mera “thook” auction karke bahut paisa milega… want to become croperati by selling my nangu photo kya :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

          2. Nangu Jomo…Humne kapde pehne waala photo maanga hai…lakh pati to ban hi jaenge us photo se…bhej do na…aur jo pyaari Rads nebedroom and pipe illustration maanga hai wo bhi… :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker:

        1. yes yes….make a full canvas of you and err….. pipes errr…. standing and peeing at the graves … whatever you meant. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› i’ll donate it to radhika farha fund… :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker:

  15. Lovely review, babes! πŸ™‚ :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

    And I so want the wallet!!!!! :inlove: :inlove: :heart: :happydance: :happydance:

  16. nice review !!!!! πŸ™‚

    M BACK M BACK M BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: ………… WHTS HAPPENIN HERE !!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

  17. Tinkerbell:

    You tho are fairy. Special discount for you. Only Rs. 250. We give receipt also. Pls contribute to Farha-Rads-Tiffany fund (pls refer to earlier comments for details on our sad plight).

    Farha and Rads O:)

    1. Rads…fairies hav more money…she can pay 1000 :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt:

    2. HEHEHEHEHE … me also want sumthin from tiffany’s LOL LOL . . . M SO GREEDY !!! INSPITE OF SHOPPIN SO MUCH ON D TRIP …….hahahahahahaha……….


      1. Loads of meeeeetha for you and ghee mixed with it if you like that too… :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

        1. Our plan workin Rads..Priya ne diya Rids de rahi hai…aur Jomo apne demos bhej rahi hai..lagta hai 1-2 dinon me hum lakhpati ban jaenge :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  18. Farha, am very worried what Nupur is going to say when she realizes the 200-300 comments on her post are looking for financial help. :tremble: :tremble: :tremble: :tremble: :tremble: :tremble: :tremble: :tremble:

    1. main yehi soch rahi thi…first she see 300 comments and becum happpy…that itn mast review likha hai..aur jab neeche dekhegi to kaand pata chalga…maybe she also giv us money Rads for makin her article cum in the most popular posts…. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Dhanda jor pakadne laga hai :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

      1. aur kitna maangoge tum dono.. bass karo.. sabhi yahan gareeb hai makeup shopping ke naam pe.. :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

  19. “Dhanda jor pakadne laga hai” I laughed so loudly…thank goodness me alone!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. me doin kihkikhi in ofc…tryn very hard not to piss in my pants…hasi control nhi ho rahi… :woot: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

        1. I have a Tiffany pouch with me(quite a big…I keep my jewellery in that)….
          Farha n Rads…I can give that….. :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:
          ab decide karo who wants it… :duel: :duel: :duel:

            1. haan haan we dnt mind sharing at all….hum GOGO ki bahnein hain…aaye hain to kuch na kuch leke jaenge… :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller:

              1. Gogo ki behnein!!! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: That reminded me of Grand master Gogo!!! – hilarious movie that was – Andaaz apna apna!!! Gogo jee aapka ghaaghra! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

                1. hehehe its my favtesshhht dialogue… :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  20. Hi Noopur….. :-* this seems to be really fine n beautiful …. :hugleft:
    And really wonderful comments conversation going on…. :whistle: :whistle: :waytogo:
    One question – is it similar to Lotus Herbals Translucent Loose Powder – iceberg ?? ?:) ?:) ?:)

    1. thnks shruti.. πŸ™‚
      me got no exp. with lotus thing.. n if ur planning to buy it , let me tell u dat u cant use it for ur evryday make up routine in place of looz powder..its apt for ur parties n othr formal occasions… πŸ™‚

  21. hi noopur… luvly review :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: .. i was missing u yesterday.. where were u?? got so tired explaining every1 about jomol’s post of foundation.. tht u tuk a leave from IMBB yesterday.. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

    1. hey nidhi… me bijy thz days wid my chocolate orders… !!
      n woo foundation /concealer confooosion review ki to baaat mat kar yaar… mera dimaaag ghoooooooooooom jaataaa hai… !!! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

  22. nice review noopur…. πŸ˜€ i too hve it in bronze 8) and i got free bag with it 8) 8) …………….but i dnt knw hw to apply it ?:) ?:) ………….why dont you say us how to apply it….. :))…….i really have no idea and i am afraid it may get expired πŸ˜• πŸ˜•

  23. yahooooooooooooooooooooo………… I have the blooo boxxx power……… :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  24. Hey Noopur…i too used dis Product for a while nw….no doubt it is gud.. :yahoo: :woot: :yahoo: :woot: :yahoo: the brush is of low quality.. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ ..i bristels keeps on cuming out after evry application…dat irritaes me.. πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ .after applying it i alwyz find one or two strands of brush on my face.. :heh: :heh: :heh: :heh: :heh:

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