10 Ridiculous Things We Do After A Breakup That We Never Should

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Breaking up with someone you love is very tough. Some handle it nicely but others break down completely. Our heart and mind are in a turmoil and we all end up doing something silly at this time. Let us find out about some of the things that one must never do while going through a breakup.

1. Drunk Text Him:
So your heart is broken and you tried to find solace in alcohol. You had too many drinks, which definitely messed up your senses and you texted and called your ex at least 100 times. Alcohol will neither solve the issue of your broken heart, nor will those calls and texts.

2. Pretend You Are Fine:

Ridiculous Things We Do After A Breakup That We Never Should 2

You were in a relationship and things did not work out between you guys. You are bound to feel bad about it and it is okay to let out a good cry. Have you not heard of the quote – cry a river, build a bridge and get over it. Pretending you are fine and not talking about it, will make matters worse.

3. Seek Revenge:
You got dumped and now you want revenge. You want to do things that will hurt him. Trust me you will not get any happiness out of the process of hurting him. This will only add to your woes. Be a responsible adult and a bigger person. Try to forgive and forget and make peace with everything.

4. Stalk Them Online:

Ridiculous Things We Do After A Breakup That We Never Should 3

Do not check their whatsapp last seen and facebook profile hundred times a day. Stop stalking. Refrain from changing your social media status to I am sad, I have a horrible life and all those breakup quotes, etc. Do not make the social media platform your emotional outlet.

5. Do Not Isolate Yourself:
Wear your sexiest outfit with that red lippie and those never ending heels. Go on a fun night out with your friends or better go for a weekend trip. Have fun. Do not stop enjoying your life and never isolate yourself while going through a break up.

6. Get A Haircut or Tattoo:

Ridiculous Things We Do After A Breakup That We Never Should 4

You might feel that making a drastic change to your appearance after a break up will somehow mend your broken heart. This is not going to happen. Getting a new haircut is okay but colouring your hair red or pink is not. Getting a permanent tattoo also might not be a very good idea.

7. Constantly Talking About Your Ex:
Do not make your friends listen to your sob story over and over again. Talk to your friends as much as you can but not about how you guys broke up and how you miss him so much. Forgetting him will not be easy this way.

8. Seek Refuge in Comfort Food:
After a breakup you are emotionally in a turmoil and to get over the breakup, you seek comfort and refuge in food. And though food does provide comfort, overeating and binge eating will lead to weight gain and before you know, you would have put on a lot of weight. Avoid stress eating and detach emotions from food.

9. Give Up On Love:
He might have cheated on you or dumped you or may be there was something else, but it does not mean that all guys are same. Do not ever give up on love. Fairytales do come true. Have you not heard a right guy will come along and you will know why it never worked out with anyone else because he will just be perfect.

10. Rush Into Another Relationship:

After a breakup you are emotionally unavailable. Your heart seeks company, so you get into rebound relationship. Well, this is just unfair to the guy. Be in a relationship when you are ready and not when you just feel alone.

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