Royal Mirage Sports Eau De Cologne Review

Royal Mirage Sports Eau De Cologne Review

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are doing great.  Today, I will be reviewing “Royal Mirage Sports Eau De Cologne.” This would count to be my second review on spray mists. So, let’s begin.  This product is absolutely designed keeping in mind what kind of a scent men generally prefer, although nothing is mentioned if it’s for men or women. If you see the bottle it comes in, you will see how masculine it looks. The total blood-red body with a rich shine and a steel coated cap with a crown at the top representing the brand logo, the look is very“royal,” true to it’s name.  The primary or the outer packaging (sorry, I don’t have it) is a hard (read: really hard) cardboard package with red in color.  The aesthetics are pretty appealing and anyone would love it. Now, moving on to the scent, it has notes of jasmine and it is hugely overpowering. It can actually cause you to sneeze your nose out, that’s one thing I would never go near to and needless to mention, it holds a high potential to cause allergies.



650 INR. Available at much cheaper price online for 4 fl. Oz (120cc/ml).


Not mentioned.

Cologne 1

My Experience with Royal Mirage Sports Eau De Cologne:

I bought this product about two years back, as part of the gift basket that I presented to my father on his birthday. While purchasing, I didn’t find anything wrong with it because the SA had sprayed a very minute quantity on my wrist, so what I sniffed then was just a portion of the trailer of the whole movie. Also, back then, I was testing out different perfumes and maybe that’s why I didn’t get the full impact of this one.

Cologne 2

But while spraying it on the body, on spraying 2-5 times, which is quite normal, you actually begin to realize what you have actually brought home. It might have the alpha male kind of fragrance, but believe me, that strong fragrance is not quite liked even by the men. Since the time I have presented it to my father, he has hardly used it for 2-3 times and I have very sensitive olfactories, hence I don’t ever dare to go near it.  Asthmatic people should also stay away from it and to be utterly honest with you, while purchasing it, my decision was mainly based upon its looks.  Of all the other perfumes/colognes that were shown to me, this had the best aesthetics 🙂

Cologne 3

Pros of Royal Mirage Sports Eau De Cologne:

  • Looks great, packaging is appealing.
  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Good quantity at the price.

Cologne 4

Cons of Royal Mirage Sports Eau De Cologne:

  • Too strong a smell.
  • Can cause allergies.
  • Not recommended to those with asthmatic conditions.

Cologne 5

IMBB Rating:

• Packaging/aesthetics :5/5
• Fragrance/scent: 0/5

Do I Recommend/Will I Repurchase Royal Mirage Sports Eau De Cologne?

My God, no!! I will never recommend it to anyone and neither would I ever repurchase any other variants from this range, lesson learnt !

See you next time peeps, stay happy stay beautiful.

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