Sephora Green Tea, Pomegranate Sheet Mask Review

Sephora Green Tea, Pomegranate Sheet Mask Review

Sephora Green tea Sheet Mask


Hi Everyone, 🙂

Today I am reviewing some sheet masks that I have tried in past few days. I am a sheet mask junkie. I mean I wouldn’t board a plane without a sheet mask in my bag. No seriously. hihihi 😛

I picked up a few sheet masks from various places during my Malaysia trip. The three masks that you see in the pic below are from Sephora and Guardian. The Sephora masks are around Rs 200 and Guardian one is for around 150 INR approx.

The ingredients are written in Chinese so I have no clue about the ingredients list.  Also, I think these Sephora masks are available only in South East Asian countries. These are manufactured in China. I couldn’t find these on the main Sephora website as well.

These are regular serum soaked white sheet masks. The sheets are very soft and the serum in Sephora masks are not very liquid(y). They fit well on my face but I still found them a bit bigger. Since these are made for Asian people, I think the masks are kept quite broader and rounder to fit their features well. I found that the masks fit just fine on my face with a but of adjustment here and there. And even after 20-125 minutes the masks don’t dry completely. You take off the mask and you notice that most of the serum gets absorbed by your skin and only a little is left on the top layer of your skin. You can rub that in. They feel very cooling and soothing.

For reference, I have dry skin.

Sephora Green Tea Mask :  I seriously shouldn’t have picked up this mask. I think I got tempted by the pretty green color. This is a green tea mask and is meant for someone with oily skin. My skin hated it. It rather started looking dull and was craving for moisturiser. My skin did not feel dry but the whole appearance of my skin was so lifeless. 🙁  It might work for someone with oily skin but those with dry skin, stay away from this one. I won’t call it a bad mask. It was just not meant for my skin.

Sephora Green tea Sheet Mask review

Sephora Green tea Sheet Mask ingredients

Sephora Green tea Sheet Mask how to

Sephora Pomegranate Mask : OMG! The best sheet mask I have ever tried. My skin was glowing for 2 days after I used it. For a while I could not figure out why my skin was looking so good and I recalled that I had used this mask. Even Mr Husband confirmed that my skin was glowing and looking fresh. I used another one and the result was brilliant again. 😀 It has a mild berry-ish fragrance. I found it nice. I so regret not picking up more of these. 🙁 If I get to see more of these, I am so stocking them up. 🙂 It’s great to use if you are having a jet lag. And boy, best thing for pre party prep. 😀 IT WORKS!

Sephora pomegranate Sheet Mask

Sephora pomegranate Sheet Mask review

Guardian Arbutin Face Mask : This one I picked up because I had to finish up some Ringgets at the airport. 😛 This is a Korean sheet mask. I didn’t know what Arbutin was. I just picked up because it said ‘brightening’. Arbutin is a skin lightener. The ‘claim’ sounded perfect for a post trip usage. This one fit better on my face than the Sephora mask.The serum was tad bit thinner than the Sephora sheet masks but not too liquid(y) or slippery.  It was soothing , hydrating, and cooling. What it did was that it made my skin look a tad bit better and more awake. But the result didn’t last for more than a day. I wouldn’t mind repurchasing it because it didn’t do anything great but it wasn’t a bad deal either. guardian- sheet mask review

guardian sheet mask ingredients

I’d be reviewing some more sheet masks in coming days. 🙂

Have you tried nay of these masks? What are your favourite sheet masks? 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Sephora Green Tea, Pomegranate Sheet Mask Review

  1. even I am leaning towards sheet masks these days… these are so much more easier to use than conventional packs, and no wahsing and the associated mess.. plus, yeah, in-flight besties <3
    would love to try the green tea variant for oily skin… had one from innisfree, and it worked well for me *happydance*

  2. Rati brilliant post…loved reading about different sheet masks…waiting fo more reviews from you….esp the Sephora ones…they look so cute…

  3. In love with the packaging of green tea one *drool* *drool*
    If I get this anywhere even I’m gonna stock it up *pompom* *pompom*
    And your skin is looking clear and glowing these dayz *puchhi* *puchhi* *thankyou* for sharing I need some of them will hunt for this *pompom*

  4. Rati di help i have a function to atend in 2 weeks . . . . In order to cure my 5 pimples i went for scrubng nd face masking proces. . . . Which led to burng sensation on my cheeks mainly cheek bone area . . . Plz sugest some home remedy to get rid of it asap . . . As i was hopng to oxy-bleach my face for the funtion
    also sugest a afordable moisturiser for dry skin pleeej help me 🙁

    1. use aloe vera gel. It’s the best thing for curing redness. Also lacto calamine works. Keep your skin free of makeup for a few days. keep spraying rose water. That should help..

  5. I guess the first one will work for me Rati di as i have oily skin.. *haan ji* i use My Beauty Diary face masks which my brother got from singapre and they work well *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. yeah i should have not get tempted by color and have given the claim a read before picking it up. loll!!! if he goes to singapore again, ask him to pick these for you. i think singapore sephora might have these. 🙂

  6. tempted to try *drool* *drool*
    the packaging is soo cute.. such bright colors.. n very easy peasy *happy dance* *happy dance*

  7. the packaging is so so so lovely!!!
    i have been wanting to try sheet masks since long but always forget to buy one :p
    i wish we had them in India but il definitely try out some other brand 🙂

  8. ohh I need to get these sheet masks.. *powder* nvr tried any of them.. *drool* wud love to try them… *powder* thankfully all ingredients mentioned are wonderful for my weird skin.. *happydance* i can try them nw.. *woot* gosh yummy pics.. *jai ho*

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