Sephora MoonShadow Trio Bermuda Triangle Review

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I think this post is an example of the “longest gap” for a writer on IMBB! I hate to say this but it is indeed a tough situation for the people like me, who hardly get time to pursue their interests because of the busy schedules they follow . Though I had been away, IMBB has been very close to my heart all this while! Hence I could not miss this chance to be a part of IMBB again. I think Sephora makeup is not new for anyone of us. Today, I am reviewing a shade I got from Moonshadow trio from Sephora.


Price :

Rs. 1120

My experience with Sephora MoonShadow Trio Bermuda Triangle:

Despite the glam-looking bright makeup stores, I try hard to not enter and splurge.I often remind myself about how costly makeup is these days, and entering the store may leave a dent in my pocket for sure.I never knew about Sephora until a friend of mine asked me to visit the store and check it once.It is a dream for all makeup lovers to visit this store, where you will find an answer to all your makeup and beauty needs (just like IMBB)I always feel like picking up a lot of things from Sephora but the heavy price tags deters me for sure.



This shadow comes in a simple round pan with the Sephora logo on it and a transparent see-through cover on it. The shadows weight around 1.8 grams.This shadow is probably baked, at least it looks so. The color are not pigmented and you need multiple swipes to get the colors to show up.The shimmer is more visible than the colors.There is a copper gold and a blue and another lighter pale shade in this trio shadow pan.There is a coppery gold and another one is a pale gold. The blue shade one is harder than the other two golden shades. Though it feels smooth, the shimmer and repeated application to show the color well, might make a mess on the cheeks, we all know about this shimmer fall out which is big con for shimmer shadows.I think a little wet brush application and patting motion will help the shadow to stick on the lid. Otherwise, the texture and pigmentation is not that impressive.



With a primer the stay will be better.It stays on me for 5-6 hours max, between which it does start to crease. The shadows feel smooth but can be a bother to layer on due to shimmer.

Pros of Sephora MoonShadow Trio Bermuda Triangle:

  • Golld shades are quite pigmented.
  • Smooth texture(mainly the golden shades).
  • Stays for 5 to 6 hours.
  • Comfortable to carry anywhere.
  • Pretty party wear shades.

Cons of Sephora MoonShadow Trio Bermuda Triangle :

  • Not at affordable or good quality for what we pay!
  • Less pigmented shades (particularly blue)
  • Fall-out is a mess.
  • Creases easily without a primer.


My Verdict on Sephora Moon Shadow Bermuda Triangle N7:

Since this does not live up to fulfill my expectations, I do not recommend it and I will not be buying any more from this range.

IMBB rating:


Thank you all for reading my review. 🙂

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  1. overpriced these are :/
    and well i too can compete with you in terms of being irregular for pursuing interest over responsblities :p

  2. Sephora products in Sephora Delhi are overpriced and are not upto their claims. I have always been disappointed with their products. :/

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