Sigma Beauty F41 Fan Brush Review

Skin Type: oily-sensitive, acne prone and occasionally dry on cheek area

Hello beauties,

Hope all of you are doing great! I am gonna share a Sigma makeup brush with you all and it has become my all-time favorite considering I have recently taken the plunge into highlighting and contouring. We all know importance of contouring and highlighting our good features by now, thanks to IMBB gals, and we cannot deny the importance of skills along with appropriate tools. Moreover, I am actively into modeling and photo shoots, and out of curiosity developed interest in highlighting as it makes me look vibrant and refreshing without the much-dreaded “ashy” look. And without this fan brush, I don’t know what I have been doing 😛 So, read on more about Sigma F41 White Handle Fan Brush!

Sigma Beauty F41 Fan Brush

$16 for one brush, available on discounts mostly.
Product Description:
The F41 Fan Brush is a must-have for highlighting. The long bristles lightly apply powder, cream or liquid products to cheekbones, nose, forehead and chin. Use the corners of the fan for the perfect touch of light on the brow bone, Cupid’s bow and inner corners of the eye. Unique Feature: Long, fanned bristles. Function: Gentle highlighting. Recommended Use: Apply powder, liquid, or cream highlighters to high points of the face.

Sigma Beauty F41 Fan Brush packaging

My Experience with Sigma Beauty F41 Fan Brush:

I absolutely love this lightweight, wooden white handle brush with sturdy silver ferrules featuring synthetic fiber bristles nicely housed in a plastic pouch. The plastic pouch ensures the soft brush fibers hold their shape intact while travelling and/or in a storage box while limiting their exposure to air and/or dust around. It is definitely price worthy purchase considering its user friendly and travel-friendly product packaging.

Sigma Beauty F41 Fan Brush handle

I am also impressed by the sturdy built and long sleek dimension of the handle as the lightweight, sleek handle provides a firm grip. In fact, the long flat fan brush head has a perfect arch shape and body to deliver good results as per the claims. I first noticed this beauty in one of my shoots where the MUA applied it to lift up my cheek bones just above the blush zone and it made a great difference as she just twirled this brush in the shimmery white highlighter, tapped it gently and swiped it gently just below my eye area, starting from outer corner of the eyes towards the temples. Since then, I have been longing to own this beauty because even if it is for as small a job as highlighting, you know how these small jobs make a difference in your makeup application, isn’t it? Moreover, I have no idea if we can ever go light-handedly with these intensely pigmented shimmery highlighters if we are missing on fan brushes, like really! It will make the same difference as skipping the blending brush for your foundation or for that matter for your eye makeup, if you know what I mean?

Sigma Beauty F41 Fan Brush bristles

Coming over to the quality of synthetic bristles, they feel “oh so soft” on my skin and hold their firm shape even after many washes. I adore its mustard yellow-shaded color which hasn’t faded. Also, the brush has not shed any bristles even after several uses and washes. I use it on a regular basis for brushing powder on hard-to-reach areas, like on the bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow and/or simply highlighting area under my eyes and above the blush zone, and it nails it with its super soft yet firm fibers. I like how it never splays while working which imparts a saturated and pigmented finish with powder and cream highlighters also. It picks ample amount of product to impart intense coverage without any streaky or patchy finish.

Sigma Beauty F41 Fan Brush full

Apart from lifting the cheekbones, I use it for highlighting high areas of my face and it never felt scratchy or pokey for my sensitive skin areas, like inner corner of the eyes or cupid’s bow. I find it such a fun task to work with this brush while it boosts up my confidence by not only lifting my cheeks but also spirits as well. And as they say, when not in use, we can simply brush it off, getting rid of fallout post eye makeup as it feels super soft and non itchy regardless of how we use it on our skin. I would definitely love to get it again as highlighting is a vital part of my makeup routine and I am yet to gain perfection with pigmented highlighters, so this brush makes my task easy. I would highly recommend this affordable cheap fan brush to every beauty, no matter whether you are a beginner or a pro, you need it to amp up or ease your highlighting game.

Sigma Beauty F41 Fan Brush closeup

Pros of Sigma Beauty F41 Fan Brush:

  • A lightweight, white wooden handle brush with silver ferule and synthetic fibers.
  • Perfect long handle for better grip and performance.
  • The brush fibers are apt in length and dimension, perfect for highlighting.
  • Imparts saturated finish with most powder/creamy highlighters.
  • Picks ample amount of product to provide intense color payoff.
  • Does not splay even with regular usage and washing.
  • Soft synthetic fibers do not feel scratchy, do not irritate skin.
  • Super comfy to be used on hard-to-reach areas without feeling pokey or rough.
  • Maintains its firm shape and softness.

Cons of Sigma Beauty F41 Fan Brush:

  • Not intended for foundation or blush brush multi-tasking.
  • Price.

IMBB Rating:
I can’t think of nays. I am absolutely in love with this brush. I will rate it 5/5!

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