9 Skin and Hair Benefits of Vitamin C Serum

How are you all doing? I am doing good and hope everything is great at your end. Today the weather is really good here in Mumbai as the monsoon days have finally arrived. 🙂 Coming to this article, today we would be talking about the benefits of Vitamin C serum for your skin and hair. Vitamin C is an important nutrient for a glowing, flawless and radiant skin. And, it is required for optimum hair growth too. So let’s read on to know more about the benefits of Vitamin C.

Skin and Hair Benefits of Vitamin C Serum

Protects your skin from sun damage

Vitamin C keeps your skin protected from the sun and its damaging effects. Vitamin C keeps your skin protected from free radicals also, which may harm your skin and make it age faster. Due to the high amounts of antioxidants, Vitamin C promotes clear and radiant skin. Hence, it is excellent for tanned skin.

Keeps the signs of aging at bay

Vitamin C serum can keep your skin forever young. Vitamin C contains a high amount of antioxidants which help to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines and other aging spots. It also prevents dryness caused due to aging. Massage your Vitamin C serum and keep it overnight to get the best results on your aging or mature skin.

Treats under eye circles

woman applying eye cream on dark circles

Vitamin C serum prevents dark circles, too. Vitamin C promotes even tone skin and also heals puffiness or eye bags around the eyes. So invest in a good Vitamin C eye serum if you’ve been dealing with dark circles.

Promotes younger skin

A good Vitamin C serum can promote younger and glowing skin. It fades away the signs of aging and tightens the skin too. Application of Vitamin C serum promotes collagen on the skin, thus keeping your skin younger and beautiful. It is a great skin care must-have for bright skin, too.

Reduces skin inflammation

Regular application of Vitamin C reduces skin inflammation easily. This serum is good for people who often wake up with inflamed or slightly red skin. Massage a few drops of Vitamin C serum at night and wake up with gorgeous skin.

Improves hair growth

long and thick beautiful hair

Vitamin C serum is not only beneficial for skin, it is equally good for your hair also. Vitamin C contains antioxidants, which kill free radicals that cause dry, weak and brittle hair. Generally, Vitamin C deficiency may lead to dry and brittle hair. In order to use Vitamin C serum on your hair, take half a cup of yogurt and add 5-8 spoons of Vitamin C serum to it. Mix both the ingredients well and apply on your hair as a mask. Wash off with cold water.

Treats dandruff problem

Dandruff is generally caused after the pores get clogged. This serum helps kill the bacteria and also keeps dandruff away. Take some Vitamin C serum and apply on the scalp directly. Massage your scalp and leave the serum on overnight. Wash off with cold water. Due to the antiviral properties, Vitamin C serum can treat dandruff effectively.

Promotes thick hair

By improving blood circulation in the body, Vitamin C strengthens the hair and also repairs damaged hair follicles. Regular use of Vitamin C promotes younger, thicker and stronger hair. Apply some Vitamin C on your scalp, massage a little and wash it off after some time to get the best results.

Prevents greying of hair

woman looking into the mirror for grey hair

Vitamin C not only treats several hair disorders but also prevents premature greying of hair. You can take Vitamin C capsules to treat this problem. Apply some Vitamin C serum directly on the roots and wrap your hair with a warm towel. Rinse off after 3 hours.

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