Skin and Hair Care Routine while Swimming

Skin and Hair Care Routine while Swimming

Swimming is indeed a very beneficial way to beat the heat and keep your body toned and relaxed. But, with these benefits come some skin and hair issues that you may face just after few sessions in the pool. Regular swimmers are very prone to hair damage and discoloration due to the presence of chlorine and other chemicals in the pool.

Before you jump in the pool always make some preparations to protect your skin and hair from the harmful effects of these chemicals.

Mentioned below are few tips that will help you relax in the water, whether it’s chlorinated water, salt water or fresh water, without the fear of getting your hair and skin slashed by any potential irritants.

Skin and Hair Care Tips:

• Chlorine is a major force to be feared off because this dreadful chemical is very effective in breaking down the natural oils in the hair. Loss of these oils will lead to dry, brittle, and dull looking hair. The most effective solution for keeping the chlorine’s bleaching effect away from your strands is to wear a well-fitting swimming cap before getting onto the pool.

• Conditioning comes second. Before stepping in the pool, apply a generous amount of deep conditioner to your hair.

• Chlorine along with copper sulphate is very damaging to the hair, they give that famous greenish tinge to the swimmers hair. So to avoid such condition invest in a good clarifying shampoo that contains EDTA. It is like very effective ingredient to remove all the chlorine from your hair and scalp.

• Rinsing the hair with lemon juice or vinegar after your swimming lessons also helps to prevent some damages that these chemicals can cause. Also, a home made pack of honey, avocado or mayonnaise and egg yolk is very effective to give your strands that very necessary moisture. Mix together these ingredients and message into your scalp. Wrap your head in a warm towel and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. Rinse out well with lukewarm water and shampoo as normal.

• As far as skin is concerned, be sure to apply sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection before stepping in. Also make sure that the sunscreening product should be waterproof, sweat free, oil-free and offer all-day skin care protection. Keep in mind to apply sunblock every half an hour (especially if you are swimming in the sun) to protect your skin from sun damage. Try to take a shower immediately after you come out of the pool. It will help keep your skin clean and chlorine-free.

Use a heavy duty moisturizer or body lotion few minutes before applying your sunblock. Opt for a mild moisturizer that’s fragrance and chemical-free.

Carry a bottle of water and keep sipping on it. You can also drink non-alcoholic summer coolers to keep yourself hydrated and also flush out toxins from your system. Skin is more likely to feel rough and dry if you are dehydrated. Keeping your skin properly moisturised and hydrated will save you from the pain of chapped and flaky skin situation.

These are some of the tried and tested methods that will help you protect and maintain healthy hair and skin. Try them out and see what works best for you and what doesn’t.

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13 thoughts on “Skin and Hair Care Routine while Swimming

  1. This is very useful for me ,…i almost gave up swimming because chlorine played havoc with my skin and hair ,…..

  2. excllent tips era, especially applying moisturizer and using deep conditioner before stepping in a swimming pool. I dont swim but if I am entering a swimming pool, i am so following these tips. 😀

  3. finally…i was waiting for this for long!!!its really useful.Thanks.Could you name some nice sunscreens in the market that are good for swimming??

  4. Good tips, I swim a lot, i do follow lot of above tips. I use aroma magic sunblock 50 [ excellent for swimming] and china rose shampoo [ Ok shampoo ]. could u suggest any good clarifying shampoo that contains EDTA? i would like to change shampoo and see if EDTA shampoo works better?

  5. hey i want to increase my height is fer anything which can help any drug or medication and plzz tell m d products u use while swimming with details

  6. hey i forgot to mention my age its 23 nd i m 5 feet 3 inch plzzz reply and if u know anything to help will b very thnkfull to u

  7. I swim 3-4 times a week for exercise and it’s ruined…I mean ABSOLUTELY ruined my hair. I tried applying conditioner or oil before hopping in the pool, but it just makes my cap slide off! 🙁
    Plus, my hair always gets wet even though I wear a long hair cap. It’s driving me crazy, but I love to swim and can’t give up!

    I love all your other suggestions and follow them religiously 🙂

  8. Swimming ruined my skin for a while, but then that was way before I knew to use sunscreen and moisturize and stuff.
    @Devie: It didn’t ruin my hair, though 😀 I would saturate my hair in conditioner, tie it (it was longer then) into a high bun, and put on a crazy tight cap (yes, and I would have marks from it on my forehead for the next two days), but my cap never slid off (seeing as it had a pincer grip on my head, I don’t think it could slide off, even if someone offered it money to). Try wearing a tighter cap, and tying your hair into a high bun. Might work, you never know! 🙂

  9. Use a silicon swim cap like the speedo ones and not the cloth ones. They are far more protective. Also cover ur head completely including ur ears by which no hair gets exposed to the water

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