Sleek Glossed Lip Gloss in Shades Blase, Pump It Up, Rumour

Sleek Glossed Lip Gloss in Shades Blase, Pump It Up, Rumour

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Sleek Glossed Lip Gloss in Shades Blase Pump It Up Rumour

I am reviewing Sleek Makeup Glossed Lip Glosses today.  I bought 3 shades of them namely Blase,Pump it up, Rumour.  These are the 3 among the total shades available.  To know whether I liked them, please read on.

Product Description:

Glossed is your new go-to lip-gloss for moist, luscious lips without the gloop! The non-sticky, light weight formula will provide a subtle yet beautiful hint of colour that’s lasts. Containing SPF15, Glossed will ensure your pout stays safe in the sun. Wear alone for an easy day-time look, or layer over lipstick for a glamorous effect.


£3.59 for  ml.


Shelf Life:

12 months.

Where To Buy:

For people inside UK : In all Superdrug outlets as well as from Sleek Makeup Website.
For people outside UK: Sleek Makeup Website.


Ingredients List:

No ingredient list is mentioned in the package or the website :O


My Opinion on Sleek Glossed Lip Gloss in Shades Blase, Pump It Up, Rumour:

I like the lip glosses. They go on smoothly without being sticky.  These glosses have good pigmentation too.  They don’t have a very good fragrance and all, but the lasting power is good.  As you can see from the swatches, Rumour is a nude pink shade which would go well with people of all skin tones and it is my favourite out of the three.  Its wand is pretty small.


Pump It Up is a magenta + pink (mixed) shade and it goes darker if you apply 2-3 coats, I like to apply a single coat.  I use a lip gloss wand and not the regular brush tip to apply.  I am not including the snaps of how it looks on me as I now have chapped lips.  I am not drinking water properly these days.  Blase is an orangey shade.  These 3 lip glosses go well with almost all the skin tones.



Pros of Sleek Glossed Lip Gloss in Shades Blase, Pump It Up, Rumour:

  • Good range of shades.
  • Nicely pigmented.
  • Easy to apply and not sticky.
  • Staying power is great.
  • No irritating smell.
  • Easy to keep in your smallest wallet.
  • Does not have any glitters.
  • This range has so many daily, wearable shades.





Cons of Sleek Glossed Lip Gloss in Shades Blase, Pump It Up, Rumour:

  • No ingredient list mentioned.
  • For people from outside UK, need to order online; can’t actually test the colors.
  • I wish these were regular sized ones.

Will I Repurchase Sleek Glossed Lip Gloss in Shades Blase, Pump It Up, Rumour?

Yes, sure, I will try a couple of other shades too :))

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  1. wow these shades are aweosme 🙂 I want to waise bhi order a blush from sleek . I’m getting these too 🙂
    lovely colors Renji 🙂

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