Soap and Glory The breakfast Scrub Body Smoother Review

Soap and Glory The breakfast Scrub Body Smoother

Hi Lovelies,
I‘ll be reviewing one of my favourite products from Soap and Glory today and it is the S&G Breakfast scrub. I have read reviews on this scrub and this was my most wanted product. However, I didn’t receive this from my cousin in UK so I went out to kit cosmetics at Myer and purchased this three weeks ago. So this is my actual purchase from Soap and Glory, all the others were gifts.
Let me tell you, I totally love this scrub. The best thing about it is that just like the name suggests this scrub contains ingredients which are used to make breakfast such as oats, banana, honey, maple syrup, almonds and sugar, yum !:)I purchased the full size which came in a cute round tub which is similar to the victoria’s secrets limited edition tubs. This is actually the third scrub/ Body polish/ Exfoliator I have used from soap and glory.

Product description and claims
Exfoliator with organic cupuacu bio scrubs, bananas, almond and honey extracts. Features a great new maple fragrance.

Instructions for use
Scoop out a handful and rub it between your palms, then scrub in circles onto damp skin until you feel smoother.


AUD 18.95
Available at selected myer stores through kit cosmetics


My Experience with Soap and Glory The breakfast scrub Body smoother

First of all, this comes in a cute round tin which reminds me of victoria’s secrets limited edition tubs. The lower part of the tub is see through and you can see the product inside which looks a bit like baby food. When you open the screw top lid, what invites you first is the over whelming smell of caramel. This product contains honey and maple syrup but I don’t know where the caramel fragrance came from. This fragrance might appeal to some of you but I didn’t like it much as it smelled way too sweet for my liking and felt if I use it in the early morning I might actually throw up. Having said that, I have started to get used to this smell know which thankfully does not last long at all. As soon as I am out of the shower I can’t smell it anymore.


The consistency is almost perfect. It has perfect exfoliating capabilities but is like thick cream. I use this on damp but not wet skin. If you use it on wet skin you might not be able to make maximum use of the exfoliating particles. On damp skin it exfoliates effectively yet gently. I love using this product and use a spatula to get the product out. I also use sparingly as I spent AUD18 for this. Since it is a tub packaging we must be very careful and make sure water does not get in to the tub. If water does, it might dilute the scrub and make it less effective.

The shea butter and oats provide bit of moisture and my skin feels soft and baby like immediately after using this. It improves dry and rough skin which soap and glory calls as “Chicken skin” ☺.I have used this product around 5-6 times now and I haven’t used up much at all so this is going to last me a long time. There is a caption which warns you that this is not a food item even though it looks tempting.
I love the fact that S&G have used staple breakfast ingredients to make a superb scrub; the only drawback I would say is the smell which might not appeal to everyone.

Pros of Soap and Glory The breakfast scrub body smoother

• Contains yummy ingredients used in skincare such as oats ,honey,almonds,banana etc to exfoliate and smooth skin
• Comes in a cute tub and the product can be seen through the packaging so unlike a tube we will know exactly how much is left
• Effectively exfoliates skin and makes it soft and smooth
• A tub will last a long time as a small portion is enough for each time
• Does not dry or irritate skin

Cons of Soap and Glory The breakfast scrub body smoother

• Contains parabens
• The fragrance is too strong and smells of caramel which to me personally is not appealing. Please sniff the tester before purchasing .

IMBB Rating 4.75/5

Will I repurchase this?
I love this scrub and if only it had the trademark “pink” fragrance this could be my HG scrub. I will repurchase this after I finish it and if I could get it on sale.

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    1. Hi Parita….

      So far I have tried body care products only… I would love to try makeup also 🙂

      This is so worth the price for UK residents but over priced for the rest of us 🙁

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