Step-by-Step Hair Tutorial – Fluffy Voluminous Top Bun

Hello, beauties!

I always love to do a top messy fluffy bun that is totally perfect for my long hair. It’s quite difficult to manage long hair, so a bun is perfect for that and it also looks quite stylish with any outfit. A bun goes with western to ethnic looks easily. Also, a few days ago, some of our readers requested to do a hair tutorial inspired by Aditi Bhatia. It looks quite similar to that. I actually did it casually and then realize it looks like that. I really love this beautiful bun. Now, let’s get into the step-by-step tutorial.

Step-by-Step Hair Tutorial - Fluffy Voluminous Top Bun

Step 1:

Step-by-Step Hair Tutorial - Fluffy Voluminous Top Bun Step 1 to 5

First, you lightly comb your hair but don’t make it too flat and if you haven’t washed your hair, then you can use dry shampoo to give it a nice texture and volume. Actually, such bun looks best when you have a little grip on your hair. Even if you have clean hair, you still can use dry shampoo to get that grip.

Step 2:

Then, divide a small section of hair from the back and clip up the rest of the part.

Step 3:

Now, backcomb the sections of your hair and give some volume at the front and back as well.

Step 4:

Now, take all the sections together and pull up all the hair on the top of your head. Hold it like a ponytail.

Step 5:

Next, twist your ponytail section and wrap it at the top. Make it a little loose and hold it perfectly in the position you want to be.

Step 6:

Step-by-Step Hair Tutorial - Fluffy Voluminous Top Bun Steps 6,7

Then, secure it perfectly with some bobby pins and casually clip up all the hair.

Step 7:

Next, with a pointed tail comb, slightly push your front puffy section upward to give some extra volume to it. Do the same for the lower section of your bun. Continue this carefully until you get the desired volume.

Step 8:

Step-by-Step Hair Tutorial - Fluffy Voluminous Top Bun Step 8

Once you feel your bun is fully secure, then lightly tug the sections from your bun to make it a little messy.

Step 9:

To set everything well, you can also spray some fixing spray.

Step 10:

Step-by-Step Hair Tutorial - Fluffy Voluminous Top Bun Final Look'

Here, I slightly tug out some bangs on the sides.

Step-by-Step Hair Tutorial - Fluffy Voluminous Top Bun Look

Here is my final look and you can see that how fluffy and casual it actually looks like. I love this casual hairstyle which instantly gives a voluminous look. I did a fresh glowing makeup and wore the earrings which perfectly matched with this look. Such bun is easy to create and takes only a few minutes to do so. Also, it has a nice elegant finish that will rock your party looks too. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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3 thoughts on “Step-by-Step Hair Tutorial – Fluffy Voluminous Top Bun

  1. lovely bun chayanti and you have such gorgeous hair as well for a b un like this. Mine turns out to be a cute little small egg. 😛 😛 good tutorial 🙂

    1. Thank you soo much Ma’am..😘😘😘 I actually don’t have any layer on hair so buns always come out like this.. 😋😋

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