Streetwear Satin Smooth Lipcolor in Pink Rush: Swatches, Review

Streetwear Satin Smooth Lipcolor in Pink Rush

Streetwear Satin Smooth Lipcolor Pink Rush
Hi ladies! In the last couple of weeks I checked off many lip colors that I had long been lusting after, mostly maybelline and streetwear. The list for nyx and Colorbar is still there but I had been eyeing many streetwear lipsticks for a while as they have some very wearable bricks and pinks. Streetwear is like an offshoot of Revlon and is a “very average” affordable kind of brand. Personally, I have never been completely satisfied with the quality and pricing of any streetwear product that I have and everytime I see some new launch form them I give them benefit of doubt and take some thing or the other for trial. But this lipstick was instant love because of the color. Streetwear has some matte, satin and regular lipsticks in the same packaging and different color. It’s noteworthy that the colors on offer are very wearable pretty and even better than lakme’s regular browns and hence there are equal chances that I would pick up some nice color from a streetwear lippy as much as I would from lakme. But in quality maybelline and lakme fare much better than these!The pricing is almost equal to maybelline moisture extreme, and lakme enrich lipsticks. So much so for the research, now coming on to the lippy:

Satin Smooth Lipcolor in Pink Rush:
Satin Smooth Lipcolor Pink Rush
Price 225 at health and glow
4.2 grams:
It’s got a very regular packaging of dark pink, for the satin ones, medium pink for the matte ones and light pinks for the earlier versions. The shades are gorgoues with so many pinks mauves and browns and bricks. These are very average with average color pay off and not at all impressive except for the fact that u would really love a color to get it back home.this particular color contrary to some doll pink is a mix between brick peach and dark pink. Something like a mix of peach crème and pink blush from lotus. The color does not show up much in one swipe on the lips and that make it wearable for any occasion. The swatches here have at least four swipes to get to that color. `I love the color to bits as it’s really a perfect brick plus pink and lightens up the face instantly. The color is NOT as satiny as the name suggests and I would like to clarify here that it’s a very average run of the mill lippy with a hard thick feel to it. U wanna keep on rubbing it on ur lips to get the color and it’s not creamy as u would imagine some Colorbar or moisture extreme one to be. To top it up, it smells of roses :yuck: it can be very irritating for girls who cant stand fragrant lipsticks. It comes out almost matte on the lips and transfers to teeth n cups easily. Dab a tissue over it and it will become absolutely matte. Lasts for a decent two hours which is fine for me.

Points About Streetwear Satin Smooth Lipcolor in Pink Rush

Fragrant :yuck:
Not pigmented
Not moisturising
Almost matte
Very average thick kind of lipstick which needs to be swiped several times
It will not dry out lips though

Last word: I wil not recommend this to any one.i loved the color so I got it. It’s an average lipstick and on the whole streetwear ‘s quality is very questionable with no effort to upgrade their brand. They need to learn from lakme, not just the pricing part but quality too. apart from the color and the kind of matte effect in don’t really enjoy anything form this lipstick. In the same price u can get a maybelline or Colorbar or lakme. Please note that I have many streetwear lippies which may be better but the review talks of pink rush only. IT’S A DUPE OF LOTUS PINK BLUSH. Wish it was creamier too. Sorry just today I cant locate my pink blush lippy otherwise 🙁 I would have compared it here. there is a review on pink blush here already.

Ps: the pics are not taken in natural lighting and hence the color comes out darker. In person it’s a much lighter lippy 🙂

Rating: 2.75 on 5 (just for the color)

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40 thoughts on “Streetwear Satin Smooth Lipcolor in Pink Rush: Swatches, Review

  1. Such a nice shade neha.too bad dint turn out tht nice :((
    Its very similar to pink satin which i’ve :toothygrin: bt thts better quality wise i guess.very moisturising n just one swipe is enuf.shall review it soon. :))

  2. haan the moment i saw the pic i was going to say its so like pink blush….par tumne pehle hi bol diya…agar lipsticks mei koi phd hoti to neha aur mai toppers hote :lol2:

    1. 😀 😆 :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: nattu seriously?
      wow u really my soul mate in lippies! :hypnotized:
      han im a lipstick scholar :stars:

  3. I have this lippy-but it has remained unused because of that rub over n over feature-Streetwear desperately needs to improve its quality of products to survive in this market 😐 😐 😐 😐

      1. yupp-just this shade-it looks nice-but I am sucker for lippys that glide smoothly-and this is clearly not one of them 🙁 🙁 🙁

  4. Such a nice color and of no use… :yuck: They should be :spank: :spank: … Now i wont buy any steet wear lippies (I dont have one too 😉 ) :thanks: U saved my money :thumbsup:

  5. Hi Neha, i love ur review :waytogo: and the color looks interesting,i agree that they r an avarage lippie 🙁 , but like u i tend to get it just for the colors.Check out their luscious lips range (the ones which come in silver tube) they r quite moisturising .

      1. yes Neha, i was tied up with work. It is a pleasure to read lipstick reviews here on IMBB specially from you as you have similar taste to mine. :high5:

  6. chal koi to lippi aayi aise jiss brand se tu aur nhi legi… :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: ur hubby’s gonna b happy about it.. :toothygrin: :teeth

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