Stripes Fashion – Style Guide According to Your Body Shape

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Stripes are truly evergreen prints. Unlike some other prints, stripes look good on every body type or shape. You just have to know which kind of stripe will go on your body type and dress accordingly. In today’s post, let’s know a little more about stripes and which stripes go with which body shape?

Stripes fashion style guide according to body shape-first

Apple Body Shape
• Apple-shaped bodies have generally heavier upper area with a smaller lower half. You can also call this body shape inverted triangle.
• You need something that will make your bottom half look proportionate with your heavier upper half.
• Add vertical stripes to your wardrobe to shift the attention towards other parts of body, and help in covering the problem areas.

Stripes fashion style guide according to body shape-2

• Go for vertical prints that are not too wide in dark and contrasting stripes to make the midsection look less bulky.
• You can also go for striped wrap dresses for a more toned looking figure.

Stripes fashion style guide according to body shape-3

Hourglass Body Shape
• You have the most perfect curves with a slender waist.
• You need stripes that will complement your curves and not take attention away from them.

Stripes fashion style guide according to body shape-4

• You can wear all kinds of different stripe patterns; just make sure that the stripes are not clashing with each other and going in the same direction to accentuate your curves.

Pear Body Shape
• They have heavier and wider hip area and smaller bust area.
• You need something on your chest area that will draw attention from heavy bottom.
• You can wear horizontal stripes on the upper side of the body to make the bust look bigger and add a high waisted skirt or jeans to go with it.

Stripes fashion style guide according to body shape-5

• Thick stripes on the upper area will do wonders to add curves.
• You can also wear vertical stripes on the bottom with a solid coloured top or jacket for a proportionate look.

Flute or Banana Body Shape
• You have no distinctive curves and have practically a straight body.
• You need to create the illusion if curves on your body.

Stripes fashion style guide according to body shape-6

• Go for thick horizontal stripes in the areas you want to look curvy and add a thick belt around the waist to bring out the waist area.
• You can also go for dresses having different combinations of stripes to emphasize curves at the right places.
• You can also experiment with different patterns and add with stripes like florals, animal prints or polka dots.

• You have a slender body, but not too much of height.
• You need to create illusion of height with stripe patterns.
• Best way to go is to go all out on vertical stripes. Vertical stripes are a great way to add an illusion of height.

Stripes fashion style guide according to body shape-7

• Go for thinner stripes as too thicker stripes will not complement your small frame.

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