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Manali Asks:

I have got sun-burn on hands, and my Dr. has prescribed a sun-tan lotion “Photoban”. But it only protects from further damage. I want to know any remedy that will remove the sun-burn patches/marks (on hands). Are there any cosmetic or pigmentation peels? I went in Kaya, they adviced me Cosmo Peels (6 seatings) for 25000/-. I cant afford that much, as Im a college student. So plz advice me any cream that lightens the skin tone, or bring backs to our natural skin tone. My hands are really darker than my face, I always wear full sleeves coz of this. 🙁
Plz help.

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19 thoughts on “Sunburn & Pigmentation Problem : Ask IMBB

  1. Manali, Jinal reviewed Clinique even better range for pigmentation..It has helped her quite a lot. you may read here reviews 🙂

    Shruti, I’ll reply during the day when I am a little free. 🙂

  2. Glycolic peel really helps. But this is really exp. My mom has severe pigemetation and this really helped. I guess u r photo sensitive. U can try curd+ lemon combination but this takes a long time to see any diff. Be patient and try to avoid sunlight as much as u can

  3. i also wanted to ask this question. well, curd is supposed to detan, but is there any readymade cream or body lotion? i have the same problem and im too lazy to apply a homemade pack. 😛 btw, i have heard that rice powder + milk is a good detan pack.

  4. 2mrw Im gng to attend my frnds wedding… so I applied, multani mitti-pinch of turmeric-honey-rose water pack… coz of honey n rose water… it brings softness to my hands.. this is juz a temporary help.. I want to remove my pigmentation.. 🙁
    this pack only helps 10-20% tht too temporarily… :jiggy2:

  5. yogurt,aloe vera gel,lemon juice,turmeric powder…all of this mixed into a pack and applied daily(leave on for 20mins) does help…slow process but def helps…

  6. mis rose water n lemon juice in equal parts and apply before retiring to sleep…it helps cure sunburn and also lightens skin. can be used for both, arms and face. u can also mix oats with honey, lemon and tomato puree and apply on r arms, twice a week. wash off after it dries. withing a month, u’ll see the results! these helped me quite a lot in lightening my arms’ skin. Try n do let me know!! 🙂 🙂
    Take care!!

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