The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream Review

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream Review

Hi Beautifuls,

I am back with another review and it is from The Body Shop again. 😛  Our eyes are the most delicate part of our body and any little stress or strain is clearly reflected on our eyes. They swell, we develop dark circles and puffiness. Also, our facial skin is most delicate around our eyes and so the first signs of aging also appear around our eyes first (in most cases) in form of fine lines.  To add to that, in today’s world, most of us are always hooked onto our laptops, phones, tabs, etc., and our eyes suffer the brunt of it all.  So, on my recent visit to The Body Shop store, when I found an eye cream which targeted all the above points, I bought it without giving another thought. The eye cream which I am reviewing for you all today is the Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

Product Description:

A moisturizing eye cream that helps protect the delicate skin around the eye area, reducing the appearance of fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Contains moisturizing shea butter and rose hip oil.


The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

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Directions For Use:

Squeeze a small amount onto your fingertip and gently pat (dot and blend) around the eye area. Avoid dragging the skin as this may result in the formation of lines. Use daily in the morning and evening.  Avoid direct contact with the eyes.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

My Experience with The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream:

As much as my skin is sensitive, the weather here is making it worse. Being 30 also doesn’t helps. 🙁  After coming here, fine lines have started developing around my eyes and the skin around my eyes has become drier.  So while roaming around in the Body Shop store, I picked this cream up as soon as I read its description. It perfectly suited my needs. Also, the Body Shop Vitamin E range is much appreciated and talked about. So I did not give any second thoughts before buying this one.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

This cream claims to provide hydration along with reducing the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. I am using this cream religiously for 3 weeks now, as per the instructions. It does provide hydration. The area around my eyes feel much rested and hydrated now, but none of the other claims stand true. I have dark circles which are usually always there and become darker with the lack of sleep. And this cream did absolutely nothing for them. Also, I could not find even the tiniest difference in the fine lines. 🙁

Once while applying the cream, accidentally my finger touched the inner corner of my eyes and it stung like hell. We don’t expect this from an eye cream!!!  It does provide hydration, skin feels hydrated as soon as this cream is applied, but a slightly more quantity and it feels very heavy! Initially when I used to apply it, my eyelids used to feel so heavy, there was an obvious feeling that I have applied something on that area, even hours after application. I reduced the quantity I was using and that solved the issue. So, a very little quantity is required.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

This cream will be a good pick for people who are looking for something to provide hydration to the area around their eyes, but overall, I am not satisfied with cream and my hunt for a good eye cream is still on.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

Pros of The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream:

  • Provides hydration to the area around eyes.
  • Very little quantity is required, so the tube though is small, will last long.

Cons of The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream:

  • Does not do anything for fine lines and dark circles.
  • Contains a whole lot of parabens, though almost every other product contains parabens, but a higher standard is expected from TBS, that too in an eye cream. Also, I did not check the ingredients at the store, was too excited to buy it.
  • Feels heavy if quantity used is a little bit more.
  • Pricey for the quantity and works just as a hydrating cream.

Would I Repurchase The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream?

No, I am looking for other options.

IMBB Rating:


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13 thoughts on “The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream Review

    I am on my third tube now.. I have used L’occitane angelica roll on before but I honestly feel this is better than Loccitane one.

    Much better than this TBS vitamin E eye cream is VLCC eyecream. BUT I cannot buy it in UK…

  2. Hi Bakul, nice review…I was infact thinking of trying this out!!! If you can, try their Neutrogena smoothing eye cream, its has worked on me 🙂 The cream isn’t much heavy, doesnt sting eyes, seeps in like dream, infact I keep applying it often, very hygenic to use with pump dispenser, but again doesnt do much wonders with dark circles 🙁

    1. Hey Amulya, don’t pick this one. When I went to the store, I was thinking of buying the nutriganics one…but picked this one instead. Every other product from this range has good reviews. BUt this one isn’t true to the claims. 🙁

  3. Oh thank god I didn’t picked it up this time. U truly saved from disaster. 🙂 try cerave eye repair cream. It is hardly 12-13 bucks everywhere plus amazing for almost all ages except very aged. Its my staple eye cream and I HV lost count of how many tubes I purchased ever since I first tried it. U will love it, try cerave also.. 🙂

    1. Hehehe…yes Neetu, its nothing less than a disaster 😛
      M thinking of trying the Cerave one now…read ur review fr d same 😀

  4. Your review matches my experience with the product completely.It stings eyes like hell and on top of that it gave me terribly swollen eyes.

  5. I need a good under eye cream folks!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 but it should be available in India
    I can also buy US products because my friends and relatives are coming from there.

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