The Face Shop Blemish Zero Clarifying Toner Review

Skin Type- Combination to Oily; Sensitive Skin – No
Blemishes are always a concern for people who get zits every now and then. A toner with blemish removing claims seemed interesting and I gave it quite some time to work on my skin, in addition to my regular skincare and here are my thoughts on the same.
The Face Shop Blemish Zero Clarifying Toner

Price – Rs 1200/- (approx.)

Product Description:
• A toner that contains natural AHA & BHA making skin clear and silky smooth.
• Removes dead skin cells
• Willow bark extract ( Natural salicylic acid → BHA ingredient)
• AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid)
• Anti-inflammable ingredients
• Portulaca oleracea extract.
• Moisturizing ingredients
• Glycerin, hyaluronic acid.
• How to use:
After cleansing saturate an appropriate amount on a cotton pad and gently apply using outward motions.

My Experience with The Face Shop Blemish Zero Clarifying Toner:

The packaging is simple yet pretty handy. Though it is bulky, it can be travelled with as the plastic is sturdy and the cap fits really well, so there is no chance of spillage. The details about the product are mentioned on the body of the bottle but most of it is unreadable. The whole range is in this pale, dreamy blue packaging.

The texture of the toner is just like water. There is no tint or consistency to the toner. I like how a little product is required to clean up the whole face. It takes out every bit of grime that is missed by the cleanser. There is a light pleasant fragrance to the toner which stays on for 10 to 15mins which is not disturbing to my sensitive nose.

I think I did goof up by not picking up the whole Blemish Zero range. This one performs just like any other toner and there are no special effects that I see when I use this toner. No doubt it deep cleanses the skin giving a healthy bright look but I did not see any difference in the marks that the ugly zits left behind. Clean face shows less of the marks but zero blemish, nope!
bottle opening

Pros of The Face Shop Blemish Zero Clarifying Toner:

• Pretty packaging.
• Pleasant fragrance.
• Whole range available.
• Non sticky, non drying.
• Deep cleanses skin.
• Good ingredient list.

Cons of The Face Shop Blemish Zero Clarifying Toner:

• Does not work on blemish.
• Expensive.
• Availability.

IMBB Rating – 3/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend The Face Shop Blemish Zero Clarifying Toner Review?
Repurchase – only if I get hold of the whole range, this one works pretty average by itself.
Recommend – either get the whole range or skip it.

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