12 Things a Single Girl is Sick of Hearing Again and Again!

What do you think about singlehood? Well, being single is not a constraint; in fact, it is a mere decision taken by a person, so that he/she can have some space for himself/herself and grow as an individual. I do not understand why some people try to show mercy (unwanted and sometimes annoying) for single people. The poke doesn’t end here at all and there are some other common things that all the singles girls are tired of hearing again and again by any so-called well-wisher.

1. “I cannot believe that a gorgeous girl like you is single.”
I just do not get this point. First of all, every girl is beautiful. Moreover, is there any obligatory rule for all girls to indulge in a relationship? Being single is not like mountain climbing, so you can believe that I am single.

2. “You can’t even imagine what you are missing by being single.”
Ohh… really? I am more than happy to be single and I really don’t care whatever I miss by being single.


3. “Why don’t you join dating or matrimonial websites?”
My singlehood doesn’t haunt me at all and I am willing to enjoy it for some more time. So, why do I need to spoil my own happiness by joining some dating or matrimonial site?

4. “When I was at your age, I was happily married.”
This dialog is repeatedly spoken by your mother or any “Maasi Ji” and “Chachi ji”. I might sound little rude, but there exists a term called ‘generation gap.’

5. “Have you tried to meet and communicate with guys?”
No, because I am going through a critical phase of “guy-phobia”. This is one of the most ridiculous questions single girls are asked frequently.

6. “So… are you still single?”
This question is asked when you meet a friend or a cousin after a long time. And the best part is that they ask the same question every time we meet.

mila kunis

7. “I guess you are too captious. Isn’t it?”
Yes I might be a person who seems to be quite picky. But I am not captious about any other person. It is purely my decision to live my life like that.

8. “You need to change your attitude.”
Thank you for your kind suggestion. If it was actually bad, I would have changed my attitude even earlier.

9. “Do you feel lonely and need a person in your life? I can’t imagine myself in your situation.”
I am glad that you have shown the mercy on my situation, but trust me that being with a wrong person could have been even worse.

10. “There exist good guys as well. Why don’t you go out and meet someone?”
There is no definition which is especially created to define good people. By the way, do these ‘good guys walking on the street’ know that I am coming to meet them?

11. “I know someone whom you will definitely like to date.”
Sigh! Why do you think that I am dying to date someone immediately? Stop giving such foolish suggestions and unwanted recommendations.

kareena kapur khan

12. “Are you still stuck in the memories of your Ex?”
Yes, because my Ex was more handsome than Robert Pattinson. He was more dynamic than Johnny Depp and funnier than Kapil Sharma.

Singlehood is never a constraint for any girl; it is instead a decision and nothing else. Moreover, it is better to stay single until we find someone special with a natural and honest personality.

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5 thoughts on “12 Things a Single Girl is Sick of Hearing Again and Again!

  1. Although I do not fall under the single category, I agree with this post. It’s a great post! Single or committed, it is not anybody’s concern. Self happiness is most important! xx

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