8 Things Your Partner Hopes You will Never Do

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How are you all doing? Well, the weather is amazing here, and by here I mean Dubai. This sudden change in weather just took my heart away. 🙂 Today I am here to talk about a relationship related topic – about the things your man does not want you to do. Let’s figure out what these things are!

1. Backbiting

This is a very common habit of us. We love bitching about people. First gossiping, then bitching. Anyway, whatever we do in our girly world, holds no importance in a man’s life. They would seriously never like this. They hate it when their girlfriends or wives backbite others or talk behind others’ back. If you have any problem with his family and friends, then you can generally talk to him about this. If you discuss their bad qualities in front of your man, he won’t get as disgusted. Just simply and openly talk to him if the issues are regarding his family and friends, and he will appreciate you.

2. Dishonesty

woman cheating
Loyalty and honesty are the two most important things in any relationship. If you two are loyal, open and honest with each other, your relationship would go miles. If any of you have the habit of lying or hiding things from one another, then for sure there are going to be lots of fights, arguments and misunderstandings. He expects you to stay loyal and honest, that’s why he is trusting and counting on you.

3. To not love yourself

You won’t believe this but yes every man wants this and he expects this from his girl that she loves herself first and then him. Your man really wants you to love yourself and care about yourself. Care about your looks, life, career, future with him, family etc. Men are actually attracted more by girls who take good care of themselves and are independent. They like girls who have a command and can handle themselves in various situations.

4. Get bored or tired of him

getting bored of him
No man would ever want his girl to get bored or tired of him, this feels pathetic to anyone. It is very important that you maintain a healthy friendship with your partner, love comes afterwards. If he has a reserved, serious personality, then you can try to add some fun. You can do various things to revive your relationship but do not let him feel unimportant.

5. Arguing and Spying

Every man wants this girl to present her real self in front of his parents. You should keep this in mind too. As I explained above, that if you have any sort of problems with his parents or friends then discuss this with him kindly. Do not use harsh words at all. Do keep a check on your tongue when you are complaining about someone. The same goes for spying. Instead of spying on him and conducting loyalty tests on him, talk to him.

6. Making him choose

I guess many of us do this. But no man wants you to make him choose between his friends and you or his family and you. You cannot always ask him to be available for just you. Let him have his own life with friends and family and with his gaming consoles too. The same you can demand for yourself.

7. Trying to change him

I find this to be the most annoying thing in any relationship: when people try to change the other person. Why did you choose to be with him when he was not the one you were hunting for? And if you came into a relationship with him for the way he was, then why do you want him to change now? If he looked very nice at the start of your relationship and now he isn’t worried about himself, then you can make him understand this but otherwise please don’t. I have seen many girls complaining and fighting with their man because “he has changed”. Just learn to adjust a bit and love him for what he is and not for what he can be.

8. Forcing him into commitment

changing your partner
It is very important to let your man know about what are your future plans with him. But reminding him of your plans every now and then won’t make him change his plans. Take some time, give him some time, let him know you, you analyze him and his behavior etc. Take your relationship to the next level only after this.

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