8 Tips and Tricks That’ll Help You Leave An Excellent First Impression

By Neha Ramchandani

Hey girls

As we all are aware about the fact that your first impression is usually the last and final impression, it becomes very much important to always be excellent. So there are some sure shot ways to avoid those silly mistakes that unfortunately happen and ruin many opportunities. Here they are!

1. Have An Exciting Job

It is really important for you to pursue the career you have always wanted to. As this will increase your overall chances of being happy and content, it will show in your attitude. You’ll look very dignified, self-dependent person, and such personalities are always attractive. But if you happen to hate your job, try to talk about the positives.

2. Dress to Impress

8 Tips and Tricks That'll Help You Leave An Excellent First Impression

This is the biggest problem with all of the girls. We spend a fortune on clothes, and yet do not have those perfect outfits for such special occasions. So it is a must to have an awesome wardrobe to leave a perfect first impression on others. All of us cannot afford to have the most expensive clothes available out there, but there are some simple tips to look classy every time you move out. Focus on having the best of basics and learn the art  of mixing and matching. Don’t forget to accessorize aptly too.

3. Listen and Be Attentive

It sucks to be stuck in a lame conversion between a group of some strangers. But people find you to be very genuine when you listen to them properly and respond accordingly. Whenever you are stuck in a lame conversation with anyone, try to mirror their facial expressions. This makes the other person realize that you are genuinely listening and understanding them, else there is another option that if you are bored of what they are saying, ask them some questions about themselves to keep them engaged.

4. Respect Others

8 Tips and Tricks That'll Help You Leave An Excellent First Impression3

It does not matter who you are, what you do, what kind of people you hang out with, always make sure you respect others. When attending a party with elite group of the society, the best bet is to respect everyone from the servers to every other person you meet there.

5. Like Them Even When You Hate Them

There are various reasons that you have to do this. It’s quite hard to pretend to like someone when you actually hate them, but it becomes important nonetheless. Many a times it seems simple to handle a situation by being quiet and faking a smile rather than telling the other person that he stinks. Meeting anyone for the first time and telling them about their flaws shows your rude side to people and leaves back a very bad first impression. Learn some body language tricks like keeping your hands uncrossed and leaning forward a little while talkin; this makes the other person think that you are interested in conversation.

6. Wear Minimal Makeup

8 Tips and Tricks That'll Help You Leave An Excellent First Impression1

The basic rule of makeup is to enhance your particular features and skin. It should not be used for hiding your deep skin flaws. Imagine if you see the other girl wearing lots of makeup, layers of foundation, dramatic eyes that don’t go with the outfit. What would be your first impression about that girl? Going minimal with makeup will also keep you comfortable for longer.

7. Choose Your Fragrance Wisely

Your body scent plays really a very important role. No matter how polished you look, your bad scnt will always be remembered by others. But if you wear a great feminine scent which is not too hard on the nose, then you would create a sweet and pleasant impression in the minds of other people.

8. Be Aware of Current Events

8 Tips and Tricks That'll Help You Leave An Excellent First Impression2

It is always good to have a little knowledge about the society and current events. The 4 W’s are your savior trick. Engage others in conversation with – what, why, where, who questions. Talk about their interests and discuss with them.

Hope this post is helpful for you all.

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  1. Minimal makeup is definitely the way to go as it keeps you more comfy. You won’t be worried about smudged lipsticks and spider lashes. I avert bad smells and strong scents.

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