Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Body Oil Review

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Recently I hauled some products from the Korean brand Too Cool for School. This review will be on the Egg Mousse Body Oil.

Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Body Oil Review

Product Description:
A lightweight, whipped egg white body mousse, infused with nourishing oils and egg yolk extract, that magically transforms into a hydrating oil for your skin.

Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Body Oil Review1

What it is formulated to do:
This cutting edge meringue-like mousse magically transforms into an oil that absorbs deep into your skin for ultimate hydration. The whipped formula is light-as-air and instantly softens rough skin for cashmere-soft smoothness. A cocktail of five botanical oils creates a protective moisture barrier without clogging pores. The decadent and airy mousse instantly calms irritation and transforms rough skin into silky soft skin. Egg yolk extract and albumin in egg white extract work together to boost the skin’s natural ability to repair and regenerate, supporting natural cell turnover and collagen production for firmer, more supple skin. Honey extract and milk protein extract supply needed nutrients to help repair and protect at the deepest level.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Body Oil Review2


My Experience with Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Body Oil:

This product comes in an aerosol dispenser, much like a hair mousse or shaving foam dispenser.

This body oil has a whipped, dense mousse-like consistency when it disperses out from the can. You can control how much product is dispersed from the bottle, depending on how much or how less pressure you apply on the nozzle head.

Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Body Oil Review3

This is a mousse to oil product. When the mousse it rubbed onto the skin, it transforms into this silky body oil and my skin drinks it up. It gets absorbed into my skin completely within a few minutes and all that remains is a slight sheen from the oil and very slight slippery feel as you rub your hand over the area. The feeling is not at all bothersome; it does not feel greasy nor does it interfere with everyday tasks like picking up stuff.

Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Body Oil Review4

I use this product all over my hands and legs and it leaves my skin feeling so silky smooth. This makes this product ideal for daytime use though I use it at night time as well. With regular use of this, my skin never faces any issue of cracked, dry feeling which is usually quite common during colder months for my dry skin type. It has amazing ingredients like 5 type of oils (Almond, Olive, Avocado, Jojoba etc) as well as Shea butter, honey and milk extracts which are known for their moisturizing, healing and calming properties. The only issue I have with this product is that it also contains Parabens.

Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Body Oil Review5

I absolutely love the amazing fragrance of this product. To me it smells like the perfume section of a high end department store; unable to pinpoint what exactly I smell but very pleasing nonetheless. There is no hint of egg scent, thankfully. The scent lingers on my skin for a decent amount of time, i.e. around an hour.

I have always preferred body oils over body lotions, hence I love this product. I love the very unique mousse consistency, the way it glides and easily absorbs into my skin and makes my skin feel moisturized and supple while being lightweight and greasy. If you want to bring about some novelty in your pamper routine, this is the product for you. I will absolutely recommend this.

Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Body Oil Review6

Pros of Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Body Oil:

• Unique foam/mousse like consistency
• Easily glides on and gets absorbed into my skin
• Very lightweight
• Very minimal slippery feel
• Leaves a nice healthy sheen on the skin
• Not too greasy
• Does not interfere with everyday routine
• No mess
• Good list of ingredients
• Leaves my skin deeply moisturized and supple
• Easy availability

Cons of Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Body Oil:

• Contains Parabens

IMBB Rating:

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  1. Woooooow this looks sooo cute 🙂 it is such a unique product.. glad it worked soo well… would like to try this one out some-day… 🙂

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