Top 6 Trends to Take Home from the Milan Fashion Week

The Autumn/Winter collection hit the runways recently and pretty much showed us what would be in trend this year. Not just for the fall season, you can incorporate these amazing trends in your lookbook to make a style statement throughout the year. So presenting before you, 6 of the finest features we spotted from Milan Fashion Week.
6 Top Trends to Take Home from the Milan Fashion Week

1. Tassel tales

tassle necklace
The humble tassels made a major fashion statement, with them being featured on different accessories like earrings, necklaces, bags and shoes. The longer the tassels, the bolder they look, and increase the drama. We love how tassel neckpieces and earrings up your style game!

2. Owl motif

owl motifs
Owl pendants have been in for quite some time, but imagine this motif taking the global fashion platform by storm! The Milan fashion week gave us new ideas to add owls to our outfits. Shoes, tees and watches-just add owl print to these and see how you add quirkiness to your entire look.

3. Check for choker

The hit accessory from the 90s made a huge comeback, and was showcased by top fashion houses like Versace at Milan. This chic and elegant accessory surely looks glam and can instantly transform the most boring outfits into conversation starters.

4. Bold and beautiful brooches

how to wear brooch
The right dose of color and peppiness in any monochrome dress can be added by cute and colorful brooches. Geometric shapes ruled the Armani runway and we surely couldn’t have enough! Choose big pieces that can be the talking points in any outfit.

5. Going blingy all the way

blingy accessories
Sparkles and glitters! Stone studded hair accessories. Glittery headbands! Semi-precious stone clips! A bad hair day can easily be changed into a glam fest with your hair looking stylish. Alexander McQueen showed us that blingy head accessories can steal the show even in most stylish events.

6. Electric eyeshadow

bright eyeshadow
Play with bizarre colors on your eyelids and still look trendy. Pile up bold colors and don’t blend them evenly: the kaleidoscope of bright hues will surely turn heads in your direction. Looking for the most appropriate eye shadow palette? Give Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Salvation Palette a shot. It has a myriad of loud colors to create an eye-catching look.

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