TRESemme Split Remedy Split End Sealing Serum Review

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You all know how many new hair products I keep on trying! And along with that, I like using flat iron and other hair tools whenever it comes to weddings and occasions. But, these habits end up damaging my hair a lot. I knew that there is no such thing as split ends mending but I actually fell for their claim. So let’s see whether this product lived upto its claims or not.

TRESemme Split Remedy Split End Sealing Serum Review

INR 750 for 30 ml

Product Description:
• TRESemme Split End Sealing Serum reduces frizz and seals in shine for a polished finish with up to 80% less split ends in just three uses (with continued use). Use our split end hair serum to get style maintenance throughout your day.
• TRESemme Split End Sealing Serum works to repair your split ends with its smoothing hair serum
• TRESemme split end serum reduces frizz and seals in shine to create a beautifully polished finishs
Get style maintenance throughout your day with our split end sealing serum
• TRESemme Split End hair serum, if used continuously, works to repair up to 80% of split ends in just three uses
• TRESemme Split End Sealing Serum works great by itself or alongside our other TRESemme Split Remedy products.


My Experience with TRESemme Split Remedy Split End Sealing Serum:

The serum comes in a black glossy box combined with green design over itm which resembles the “Split-Remedy” range. The pack mentions everything about the serum that you need to know. I was expecting it to be a big bottle but sadly it turned out to be such a small one. It is just 30 ml which is a little costly because Tresemme is a drugstore brand and the price is higher than other drugstore serums.

product description

The bottle is pretty handy and super tiny, hence it can be easily carried in the bag. Also, the cap closes with a click, so it is leakage-proof. The pump dispenser works well to give enough product for one use.


Consistency, feel on hair and smell:
The serum is not entirely sheer and looks a bit translucent. The serum is runny but it also has a little thickness to it. The consistency can be rightly called a bit gooey. A full pump isn’t really required for my hair; hence I just take half a pump at once. It spreads evenly on my hair shaft and ends and instantly detangles my hair. Also, it makes my hair instantly sleek.

If I use even a little excess of this serum, it makes my hair a bit greasy. Hence I use it just on my damp hair. So those of you who have thin hair, like me, do not use it on dry hair. The smell is a pleasant one and has a perfumed touch to it. The scent lingers on my hair very faintly for a few hours and then fades off.


After drying my hair, it makes my hair extremely smooth and sleek. It totally takes away the frizz, and my ends which are damaged and very dry look better than usual. It controls the frizz just for a day and then my ends turn back to normal. My hair feel really soft and there is some bounce too. This serum actually disguises the damaged look, but it hasn’t repaired my hair.


The split ends do not look as evident as before, but I know they are still there. So it does reduce the visibility of the split ends, but does not mend them. So, it is a very average serum which can be used as a regular serum, but expect it to mend your split ends.

Pros of TRESemme Split Remedy Split End Sealing Serum:

• Attractive and handy packaging
• Pump dispenser is very convenient to use
• A very tiny quantity is required at once
• Instantly detangles my hair, and makes it look sleeker
• Makes my hair immensely soft and smooth
• Adds bounce to my hair
• My ends look better than before
• Has reduced the visibility of split ends and damaged look

Cons of TRESemme Split Remedy Split End Sealing Serum:

• Expensive for the quantity
• Makes hair sticky, if excess quantity is used
• Does not mend split ends

Would I Repurchase/Recommend TRESemme Split Remedy Split End Sealing Serum?
I liked it but won’t get it again because I like trying new stuff and most of the serums work in a similar way. If you have damaged ends and want swishy hair, then yes give it a try. But if you already have some HG hair serums, then there is no point getting it.

IMBB Rating:

The Tresemme split remedy works really well to make damaged and chemically treated hair look healthy, but does not really repair such hair types from within. So I won’t agree with the entire “sealing the split ends” concept.

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