Ben Nye LiquiSet Mixing and Sealing Liquid

Ben Nye LiquiSet Mixing and Sealing Liquid

Ben Nye LiquiSet Mixing and Sealing Liquid

“Professional-use” makeup products have always fascinated me. I keep researching more on them and found this Ben Nye LiquiSet very interesting.

I don’t know if it’s available in India, but you can always order this online via eBay or Amazon.  So, this is basically a mixing medium with which you can create your own liners by mixing powdered colors or loose pigments.  I have seen in a few Youtube videos that some professional makeup artists mix cake eyeliners with a mixing and sealing solution to create their own liners.

The liquid set can also be used/lightly sprayed before applying eyeshadows or pigments, directly on the eye lids. However, you cannot blend them as this sets them quickly. So, I prefer to spray this lightly over my eye makeup when I have to dab a little eye shadow pigment.

This product is quite similar to the Inglot Duraline except for the fact that duraline comes in a user-friendly packaging (with a dropper) and it can also repair dried gel liners.

I tried this to revive my dried-up Coastal Scents gel liner, but this did not work on it. I guess this is made just for working with powders and pigments.

Product Description:

Water-base Liquiset easily mixes with MagiCake Aqua Paints, Liquid Paints, Lumiere Colors, Color Cake, and Cake Eyeliner for a smudge proof and water-resistant finish. FYI: Colors applied with LiquiSet will not blend.

Ben Nye LiquiSet Mixing and Sealing Liquid


$5-6 for 1oz.

Ben Nye LiquiSet Mixing and Sealing Liquid

Ben Nye LiquiSet Mixing and Sealing Liquid


Aqua (water), Acrylates, Propylene Glycol, Copolymer,PEG-12, Phenoxyethanol, Trisodium EDTA.

Ben Nye LiquiSet Mixing and Sealing Liquid


Like most professional-use products, this Ben Nye Liqui set too has really basic, simple packaging. It comes in plastic bottle with a screw-off black cap.  I suggest one should transfer the contents of this liquid set into an empty bottle with a dropper or a spray dispenser, so that it becomes easy to dispense the product.

Ben Nye LiquiSet Mixing and Sealing Liquid

Now, here is some makeup fun I do often with this product.

Ben Nye LiquiSet Mixing and Sealing Liquid

I take 2 drops of this Ben Nye LiquiSet in its cap only (or any other empty cap/pan or palette) and put about 2 pinches of eye shadow pigment in it and mix with a liner or thin brush to form a smooth solution.  The solution thus prepared is my own customised eye liner :), :dance: I can intensify the shade by adding more pigment. :happydance:

Here is a swatch of the liner

Ben Nye LiquiSet Mixing and Sealing Liquid

Some points worth noting when working with Ben Nye Liqui Set:

  • Always take/mix your loose pigments and this solution in a separate cap or empty pan.
  • Using this directly over your eye shadow palettes will ruin their texture , so if you feel like creating eye liners from your eye shadows, just scrape them off a little with a spatula or brush.
  • The liners created by Ben Nye Liquiset do not flake, smudge or crease; however, as against its claim, the liner won’t be water proof.
  • For each time, I just need not more than 2-3 drops of this solution.
  • To intensify a shade, you can just add more pigment or powder.
  • I use the liners I create with this only on my eyelid. I never use it on my waterline as I am not sure whether it would be waterline safe.
  • The liner I create with this comes off easily with soap+water and I don’t need a makeup remover.

Overall, I like this product a lot and I use this often to create eyeliners with my loose pigments and other eyeshadows. If you love to have some fun with makeup, this is for you; otherwise, this is not a must-have product and before you spank me :spank:  for reviewing a product not easily available in India, let me tell you that you can any day buy the Inglot Duraline which works equally well.

Pros of Ben Nye LiquiSet Mixing and Sealing Liquid:

  • Great for making your own eyeliners with loose pigments and eyeshadows.
  • Can be used for setting pigments and glitters over eye makeup.
  • Just 2-3 drops are required for each time, so even a small bottle will last for many years.
  • The liners I create with this do not smudge, flake or fade for a good 7-8 hours.

Cons of Ben Nye LiquiSet Mixing and Sealing Liquid:

  • Does not make waterproof eyeliners.
  • Packaging is not good and user friendly.
  • Contains alcohol and has a chemical-like strong fragrance.
  • I doubt its availability in India

IMBB Rating:

3.99 on 5 :-* :-* :-* :-*

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