Ulta Brow Tint Gel – Light Review

By Atika Anjum

My mother has been plucking her eyebrows for more than 30 years now; though her eyebrows are always in shape, over plucking has thinned her eyebrows a lot. If eyebrows are not on point, they attract a lot of attention albeit negative. Very dark tinted eyebrows also look quite unnatural and very thin over-plucked eyebrow hair also does not flatter a face.  So, on my last trip to Ulta, I was looking for an eyebrow tint for my mother in a very light shade. I did not want to go for any overpriced fancy stuff like ABH dipbrow pomade. I was looking for something that is very easy to apply, keeping my mother’s age in mind.

Ulta Brow Tint Gel Light

Product Description:
A multi-purpose Brow Tint gel, by ULTA, fills in brows and conditions all at the same time. The perfect sized spoolie brush head fits perfectly between each brow hair without creating a mess. The gel dries quickly and to a natural finish. Fragrance Free. Glycerin and panthenol conditions the brow hairs to reduce stiffness, beeswax and other key ingredients add volume to the hairs (viscosity).


Ulta Brow Tint Gel Light

My Experience with Ulta Brow Tint Gel – Light:

I spotted the ULTA Brow Tint Gel in “Light” shade. It retails for $10 for a 5 gm of tube. According to ULTA, the brow gel tint is used to condition as well as tint the brows at the same time. It comes with a small-sized spoolie brush which is perfect for application on the eyebrows. It also claims that the ingredients like glycerin, panthenol and beeswax not only condition the hair but also add volume to the eyebrows. The adding volume part caught my eye and I immediately made up my mind to buy the tint.

Ulta Brow Tint Gel Light

The brow tint gel’s packaging is similar to a basic mascara type packaging. This ULTA brow tint comes in three shades –Light, Medium and Deep. The color of the brow tint tube is according to the shade, since I got the “Light” shade, the packaging is dark beige in color.

Ulta Brow Tint Gel Light

I tried the eyebrow tint on my mother and I am surprised at the results, my mother also liked her brows more after using the tint. The small mascara type of wand is easy to use (especially on very thin over-plucked eyebrows). The tint surprisingly did not stiffen up or clump up on the eyebrows, instead the gel-type consistency helped the tint to glide smoothly on the brows. The tint also dried very quickly and the end look was quite natural and well blended into the eyebrow.

Ulta Brow Tint Gel Light

I used the same brow gel on my sister who has thicker brows, the spoolie is quite small for thick brows and some of the product got on her skin. But aside the only disadvantage of this brow gel, it is an amazing brow gel specially for our momma’s and girls who have been tweezing the life out of their eyebrows for years 😛


Pros of Ulta Brow Tint Gel – Light:

  • The creamy gel-type consistency helps in smooth application.
  • Unlike eyebrow pencils, it does not smudge.
  • It does not clump or dries stiffly, instead gives a natural smooth finish.
  • It adds volume to very thin eyebrows.
  • It gives the eyebrows a well-defined look.

Ulta Brow Tint Gel - Light Review

Cons of Ulta Brow Tint Gel – Light:

  • The spoolie brush is very small for thick eyebrows.
  • The product runs out very fast with every day application.
  • They have only three shades.

Final Verdict on Ulta Brow Tint Gel – Light:

My mother loves this product, need I say more? I will recommend this gel to everyone with sparse eyebrows as it does magic on your brows. I only wish it came in more shades for the people with dark eyebrows.

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  1. Unkempt brows surely attract more attention than perfectly groomed ones. My mom’s eyebrows have also become thin and we have been forcing her to try some brow products. You have reviewed it well, I like the product.

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