Urban Decay Heroine Vice Lipstick Review

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Lately, I have been loving experimenting with makeup, with bold and unconventional colors. Maybe, I was inspired by most of Rati’s amazing creative looks or maybe I was just bored of the repeated shades of red and pinks in my kit that prompted me to take a leap out of my comfort zone. I was on a hunt for a good blue lipstick ever since I saw editorial looks and makeup gurus rock these on the regular, and then I landed on Urban Decay Vice lipstick in the shade “Heroine.” Read on to know more about this lipstick.

Urban Decay Heroine Vice Lipstick Review

Product Details:
Vice has it all: Bold brights. Dark, sexy shades. Super-versatile neutrals. With so much variety it’ll make your head spin, there’s something for everyone – from new shades to cult favorites you thought you’d never see again.

Urban Decay’s huge assortment also includes more finishes than ever before:
• Mega Matte (MM): super-intense matte
• Comfort Matte (CM): the creamiest matte
• Cream (C): the original: creamy luxury
• Metallized (M): cream with a high level of pearl
• Sheer (S): a punch of color with a sheer, shiny finish
• Sheer Shimmer (SS): slightly transparent finish with floating pearl and a smooth texture

The pigment load in Vice Lipstick is insane! Just one swipe provides an unbelievable laydown of color. And every shade applies smoothly (without dragging or skipping), hugs lips, and feels amazing! Urban Decay’s proprietary Pigment Infusion System gives the formula its super-creamy texture, rich payout and superior color dispersion. This creamy formula is loaded with nourishing ingredients. A yummy butter blend comforts, hydrates and enhances, leaving lips soft and conditioned, never dry. Aloe vera, jojoba, avocado and babassu oils nourish and soften lips. Illipe butter (derived from Malaysian illipe trees) provides long-lasting moisture. And vitamin C and vitamin E provide a hit of antioxidants.

Urban Decay Heroine Vice Lipstick shade name

My Experience with Urban Decay Heroine Vice Lipstick:

If you follow the talks in the makeup/beauty community, you would not have missed the fact the Urban Decay a while back added 100 shades in their “Vice lipstick” range. This is my first and only lipstick from this range for now.

Packaging: While the packaging looks quite modern and sleek, it lacks that luxurious feel. It lacks the weight in hand that is usually associated with high-end brand products. It basically feels like cheap plastic. The good thing here is that the cap does close securely and there is sticker underneath denoting the lipstick shade name and also the color for easy access.

Urban Decay Heroine Vice Lipstick packaging

Shade and Finish:  The shade “Heroine” is a stunning navy blue lipstick. It has subtle cool undertones hence pairs best with cool-toned makeup looks. Surprisingly, I find this shade to be quite wearable, it is the right balance of vampy and edgy feel.

Urban Decay Heroine Vice Lipstick swatch on hand

This shade is among the “comfort matte” finish ones. It does have a slight satin sheen and dimension more upon initial application and is not a flat matte.

Pigmentation:  The pigmentation on this lipstick is great. You can achieve opaque coverage in 2 layers. While it does apply slightly patchy with one layer and you do need to apply 2-3 layer to get a smooth, even coverage.

Feel on lips:  As per the claim on this lipstick, it is a very comfortable matte finish. It does not feel drying though it does mildly accentuates the look of lines on lips. It will cling to dry patches so for best results exfoliating is the key.

Urban Decay Heroine Vice Lipstick lip swatch

Staying Power:  This lipstick does transfer quite easily. You will see blue lip marks on every glass, spoon and straw. It does fade unevenly and it’s not a pretty look when your lips start to look a weird shade of purple as a result of a half-faded layer of blue over pink lips. I would mostly wear this on days when I know I won’t be doing a lot of eating – I would absolutely not wear this over a dinner date.

Staying power is decent, around 5-6 hours, after which it starts to fade.

Urban Decay Heroine Vice Lipstick fotd

Fragrance:  It has a mildly unpleasant chemical scent which thankfully does not linger long.

Overall, while this lipstick might not be the best, performance wise, (it’s still not the worst). I will give it points for being an amazing, bold yet wearable shade. I will recommend this for those wanting to take a step out of their comfort zone.

Pros of Urban Decay Heroine Vice Lipstick:

  • Good pigmentation.
  • Opaque coverage in 2-3 swipes.
  • Bold, edgy shade.
  • Has a very comfortable feel on lips, does not suck the moisture out of it or make them feel parched, but does not provide any extra hydration.
  • Decent staying power.

Cons of Urban Decay Heroine Vice Lipstick:

  • Cheap-looking packaging.
  • Transfers blue marks on everything you touch with your lips.
  • Fades unevenly.
  • Looks very unflattering as it fades.
  • Unpleasant scent.

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