Urban Decay ‘Naked Skin’ Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup Foundation Review

Urban Decay ‘Naked Skin’ Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup Foundation Review

Hey guys,

Happy Holi to everyone! For a lot of us, Holi is our first initiation into applying color on our faces, right? That’s what makes it so much fun for me! It’s my favorite festival and I really miss celebrating it in India. Hope you guys have a wonderful, happy, and safe Holi with your family and friends! And for when you’re done and chilling out, you can check out my review of Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation below 😛

Urban decay naked skin foundation

Product Description:

With this product, Urban Decay promises “coverage without compromise.” The foundation’s “weightless formula blurs imperfections for a flawless finish that feels invisible, but looks professionally retouched.” It “uses light-diffusing spheres to “blur” imperfections for a luminous, demi-matte finish that feels invisible but looks professionally retouched.” It’s “oil-free, paraben–free, fragrance-free, and loaded with nourishing ingredients.”

Urban decay naked skin foundation

Price: $39 for 1 oz/30 ml.


Urban decay naked skin foundation



My Experience with Urban Decay ‘Naked Skin’ Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup Foundation:

For me, Urban Decay is primarily an eye makeup brand.  I have always loved their collection of vivid liquid, pencil, and glitter eyeliners, smooth and pigmented shadows, and, of course, the iconic Primer Potion. The recent release of the Naked Blush and Foundation, piqued my interest and I was eager to finally try their face products out. I needed a new foundation, as my Bare Minerals Matte was running out and I reached out to, the girl you all know as, Neha A. from IMBB to help me pick one. Urban Decay Naked was her first suggestion, and that’s the one I picked! I still needed help with the shade and the SA at the store were there to help. Upon testing, the first shade she picked out, 6.5, the SA exclaimed that it was a perfect match for me. I was tired after a long day at work and was only happy to be done. However, when I got home I realized that the shade was too dark and too cool-toned for me. I was surprised that the SA didn’t know that the half-shades are all cool toned, even though she said she wore the makeup herself. I wore the foundation for one day and looked like I had a bad tan. It just didn’t work. I decided to switch it out for 6.0, one I figured would be a better match for me and out of all the 18 shades was the closest to my skin tone.


Let me get started with things, I absolutely and totally loved about this foundation – it’s lightweight, long wearing and smudge proof formula.  Okay, so I’m totally not kidding when I say this foundation literally lasts through the day.  I have rarely had a foundation last me from day to night without touch ups.  Okay, let me rephrase that, I have never had a foundation last all day, until this one. My day starts early – at 6:30 am I’m out the door and usually don’t take my makeup off post-workout until about 8 or 9 in the evening. This lasted all through that. Not only that, I was on a short beach trip this weekend and I wore this the whole day in humid weather and actually ended up sleeping in it (okay, I know that is bad, but let’s say I did it for the sake of this review) and woke up with about half the coverage still on my face.

Urban decay naked skin foundation

Since I have combination skin, foundation gliding off the oily parts of my face is a major issue for me. This foundation stays and stays, and is sweat and waterproof to a certain extent too.  You know how deodorant and anti-dandruff shampoo ads always play on our insecurities. Sweaty armpits when you’re dancing with your crush! Dandruff on your black suit before an important interview! Well, my fear was always foundation on my crisp white shirts, which has never happened mainly because I avoid white shirts, but something close to it did.

Urban decay naked skin foundation

My last foundation would transfer everywhere; one day I handed my cell phone over to my boss for something and was absolutely horrified – on the screen was this thick brown coat of powder foundation. It’s good he didn’t have to touch it, I’d be pretty grossed out if I was him. Anyway, none of that with this foundation. So far, I have experienced very minimal transferring. Mainly, when I press a tissue hard on my face. Who knows, now I might give those white shirts a try 😛


For a formula that’s pretty heavy duty, this feels incredibly light on the skin. It really is like I have got nothing on my face. It glides on easily on to the skin, even without a primer, and is super blendable. It doesn’t accumulate around the nose or in laugh lines. This works best when applied with a stippling brush. I thought it performed the worst with a sponge and foundation brush.  Okay, with my fingers and a flat-top powder brush, and the best with a stippling brush. The finish can best be described as semi-matte and it makes the skin a little more luminous than it looks naturally, although not too much.

What I didn’t like about the foundation is its coverage. Although, it states to be buildable coverage, this is primarily a foundation for those who don’t have a lot of skin issues. Once I start re-applying the foundation to my problem areas, it does appear a little cakey. When I say cakey, I say in comparison to how it looks on the rest of my face. I think even with this issue, it outperforms most heavy coverage foundations. The other issue I have is that while this does a great job of controlling oil, it isn’t hydrating to my dry patches at all. In fact, it makes the dry patches a little prominent. I know the foundation does not promise hydration, but it was performing so well on the rest of my “Is this my HG foundation?” checklist, that I was hoping this would be perfect for combination skin.


Overall, if I were to pick what kind of person this foundation would be perfect for, I would say someone with normal to oily skin, with some, but not major, imperfections, who are looking for light to medium coverage that lasts through the day. The foundation does smell a little weird; it’s the same smell as Revlon’s Color Stay, I think it smells a little like paint, but it’s not particularly offensive! You have to shake the foundation a little bit and it makes a little bit of noise, kind of like a paint can (makes sense since it smells like paint!) or Dior’s Airflash Foundation, which ensures that the color is evenly mixed together, I guess. In all, Urban Decay has done a really great job of providing a range of foundation shades, 18 in all, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find one that is perfect for your skin type. I’m an NC40 in MAC and shade 6.0 is a perfect match for me. Can’t wait to pair it with the Naked 2 palette and Naked Blush!

Pros of Urban Decay ‘Naked Skin’ Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup Foundation:

  • Long lasting.
  • Smudge proof.
  • Lightweight.
  • Natural looking.
  • Available in a wide range of shades.
  • Paraben free.
  • Luminous finish, without making you look oily

Cons of Urban Decay ‘Naked Skin’ Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup Foundation:

  • Not for those who are looking for heavy coverage.
  • Highlights dry spots.
  • Funky smell.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5


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13 thoughts on “Urban Decay ‘Naked Skin’ Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup Foundation Review

  1. I wish this would be a perfect foundation at this price, had more expectations from it but I guess Inglot and Bourjois are good for the price, nicely reviewed Devie, lovely pics.

    1. @ Xuvious — Thank you 😀

      @ Arzoo — Thanks 🙂 & yeah, I too wish it worked for all skin types; this will be my HG foundation for the summer, for sure! I’m sure oily-skinned ladies will love this!

  2. “okay, I know that is bad, but let’s say I did it for the sake of this review) and woke up with about half the coverage still on my face.” rofl rofl

    Devie, I do that sometimes and think the same way.,,,,,khikhikhi rofl rofl

    Sounds so good……lasts through workout……what more can we ask for, hai na *happydance*

    1. Well, it’d be great if it burned calories too, eliminating the need to work out 😛 Now that would be my HG foundation for sure *jogging*

  3. *woot* *woot* seems to be a good one….and of course it’s from urban decay……pricy but worth the money ….lovely review *clap*

  4. Great review Devie *clap* so glad the suggestion worked for ur skin.. I was myself tempted to buy this foundation but SA at sephora said she would not reccommend this for my dry skin.. Now after reading ur review im glad i did not go with this..

    1. Thanks for helping me pick this one out! Yea, it’s a dud for dry skin…Sephora SAs are the best! They really know their stuff! 🙂

  5. lovelllyyy devieee *woot* *woot* *woot* i wish i could access urban decayyy somewhere hereee *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* dying to try themm… however i always want heavy coverage lol *hihi* *hihi*

  6. I love this foundation, how it looks on my skin, shade matches my skin color and it works for all skin types. Im not oily the only cons i see on this is that the foundation transfer like when on the phone and when i look at my phone i see foundations on my skin. Which i really hate! I love the feeling of lightweight on my face and blurs imperfections but still it transfer! So i guess id have to keep looking for that holy grail foundation.

    I heard about Kat Von d lock it foundation.

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