Vaseline Renewal Age Redefining Body Lotion Review

Vaseline renewal Age Redefining Body Lotion with Collagen and Pro Retinol Review

Having hit the 25 year mark of life and entering the 26th year ,I have often been worried for my skin on the body and not just face. My face has oily skin so im super happy to have not spotted any wrinkles yet and all the eruptions make me feel like a teenager :silly: but for my body it’s a different story I have pretty much normal n nice skin which is undoubtedly better than the face sans any tan too. but when I see my mom’s arms with little wrinkles I also feel guilty of not having been able to enlighten mom about regular moisturisation , just like that krack cream ad where the mom Is busy catering to her daughter’s skin woes and so negligent of her own cracked heels. I have a similar mom who doesn’t pamper herself unless me n my sis force her too. Since we got married we have been getting products to pamper her like all sorts of thick heavy body lotions, night creams and foot creams too and a lipstick or two and blushes and nail polishes. I got this one too keeping my mom in mind but she refused to take it saying she has not yet finished the st ives collagen one I gave her long back (we all know how moms are!) so I went ahead and started using this for myself thinking I should get into the whole antiwrinkle regime before the truth hits me hard. And so here goes my story of Vaseline age renewal body lotion.

Vaseline renewal age redefining body lotion with collagen retinol review

What the bottle says: apply daily for smooth healthy looking skin.
Vaseline renewal lotion with conditioning moisturisers, collagen and pro retinol, accelerates skin surface renewal. The result, more smoother supple and younger looking skin.(somewhere It also says nightly renewal lotion giving it a benefit of doubt for being so thick and not so ideal for day wear)

info - vaseline body lotion

My take (in terms of humid weather and normal skin type) Vaseline renewal is a body moisturiser with an extra edge for me as I don’t really need any wrinkle removal but I surely need to prevent them from coming till I can. Using regular body lotions is good enough for my normal body skin but adding some collagen and pro retinol doesn’t hurt. I feel elated at having moisturised my body with such effective proven ingredients and if I use it before bed , its even better. I love the lotion for being so thick and lasting in moisturisation for a whole day for normal skin. I love the fact that since its so thick it needs to be used sparingly for faster absorption. In the fragrance dept, its not bad either as it smells midly of aloe vera I think and some very regular Vaseline lotion kind of smell. Not all all over powering and I do not intend this to be used as a fragranced body lotion.the quantity should last me 8 odd months.

vaseline-age-renewal body lotion - ingredients

About :
Thick heavy lotion
Not so fast absorbing as it is ideal for dry mature skin types(being thin or runny would defeat the purpose)
Pro retinol
Leaves skin supple
Leaves skin moisturised for the whole day long
Ideal for use before bed or just after a shower
Ideal for dry skin
Less quantity required
Not so good for humid weathers for day wear
Ideal for winters
Great quantity in 200 rs!

Last word: I love this lotion for the fact that it gives me an edge over regular lotions since it contains retinol and collagen for skin elasticity. It’s a maintenance lotion for me leaving skin supple with just very little amount, and no irritating fragrance. It leaves skin touchable soft though a little extra would give me the “chip chip” effect.i just wish it was pump style and not flip cap making it ideal to be kept anywhere around the house, pump , use and go!

vaseline age renewal swatch


Must have for dry skin!please check out Vaseline India website as they cater so many skin needs for body lotions.

Rating 4 on 5(minus one for flip cap and no pump style)

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85 thoughts on “Vaseline Renewal Age Redefining Body Lotion Review

      1. I was confused for a moment. The article says Rati has posted it…guess the name needs to be changed :specs:
        Good review Neha. :yes:

  1. didnt know it makes that much of a difference..unlike the face we dont see immediate results na so not too many ppl this point i only care if i like the smell or not :(( shud change my mindset

      1. same same…i thot rati had dry skin…..n just 25 years ?:) Rati, u have acheived so much so soon….vow……. :thumbsup:

      1. Ok.. Thanks Neha for the review and Samantha for suggestions! :teddy: :thanks: …I think I must have overlooked it because of all the arabic/urdu writing, maybe I thought its not from their original line! O:)

    1. okies…..but not giving your name for the post….confusing ?:) …n neha you are only 25…so young…me so J… 25 I didn’t know wats blogging… :((

  2. Oh too bad as I don’t think this is available here in Manila. :heh: It sounds like my dry skin would love it. Love the story about your mom at the start. :)) My mom is kind of the same way. :))

        1. nope….not yet…m planning one…but scared of the entire change in routine….so just delaying it….lets see…year end or so…. 😉

    1. :-* thnks ida
      han i was all tearful
      they sacrifice so much
      i wonder what kinda of mom im gonna be
      means im already one but my girlie is just 7 months 😀

      1. neha…u got a baby already…vowee…. 😀 ….okies thats y in ur gravatar you look a bit healthy….thats the pregnancy weight???? ?:)

            1. my siste-in-law delivered 10 months back…she lost most of her weight in the last 2 mnths….wen the baby starts u definitely will…its just 7 mnths na…. :waytogo: :thumbsup: :yes:

              1. i am just 5.1 neha….so take heart u atleast 5.5…. :toothygrin: …n imagine how will i look after pregnancy…. :scream:

                  1. okies….me okay okay kinds..not reed thin……just proper….normal kinds…. 😀 ….BTW…how long have you been married?….n you in chennai na???

  3. Very nice review. I think I should start this asap as the ingredients are very good, esp. Pro Retinol. I always look out for products that contain this anti-wrinkle ingredient. :yes:

  4. gr8 post. :waytogo: wow neha u only 25 .m already 27 and hvn’t started using any anti aging product. :tremble: guess i should start wid this body lotion… 😀

  5. Nice Review Neha :yes:
    You know, i am also 25, and tll now i have never tried/bothered to try any anti wrinkle products – be it face or hands… but i guess looking at your post, i must start now…. :specs:

      1. all you 25 year olds!!!!!! :bash: :bash: i hate you alllllllllllllllllllllllll :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  6. i liked the container/bottle ya whatever it is 🙂
    i have the same story-oily face and moisture hungry rest-of-the-skin
    i will hunt for this once i finish off with my stock of body lotions
    acha acha review :yes: :yes: 🙂

  7. i read the article thrice, checked the nail art twice n was still confused ( rati having oily skin n all that) ?:) ?:) finally wen i scrolled down got to know this article is by my lippie gal :puchhi: nice post neha n am also 25 :handshake:

  8. :happydance: yeah i can guess its rati by the first pic
    :handshake: :cheers:
    i turned 26 actually :disdain: :angel:

  9. My mom just bought another two bottles of this recently. :stars: She says it works well. Oh, and she’s over 50 🙂

  10. Nice review Neha. I would myself love to try this now….for 2 reasons
    Even I am turning 26 in November
    and I have extremely dry skin. But I doubt if we get it here as it! :((

  11. Thanks neha for waking us all about our age concerns.. and now everyone in their 20’s or above is gonna look for this product.. including me.. me just love vaseline lotions…

    1. :puchhi: thnks so much akshatha for reading n commenting
      i use nikon coolpix 10 mp
      forgot model some L.. :silly:
      hubby selected it :jiggy1:

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