How To Make Vegetable Vermicelli Upma

Vegetable Vermicelli Upma- Healthy Breakfast Option

Hello IMBB Sweeties, :pompom:

Today am sharing one of my recipes that is loved by all my family members.
Vegetable Vermicelli Upma is a healthy South Indian breakfast dish that’s full of fiber and protein. Upma is made with cracked wheat or wheat grits; it gives us plenty of energy to start our day.

Instead of gorging on Parathas and kachoris in the morning that makes us pretty lethargic, it’s better to switch over to some healthy breakfast options that would give us energy to start our day with full vigor. Upma is made in several ways. The following recipe is my version of preparation. You can add other things too.



1-So we need Chopped onions, French beans, chilies, carrot, one tbsp of crushed ginger and garlic, crushed peanuts.


2- Then we need upma, I am using Mother’s recipes Upma, you can use others too.

3-Next we need vermicelli to enhance the taste of upma.


4-So first, roast the upma in Kadhai without using oil and remove it when it turns little brown.


5-Next roast the vermicelli for two minutes, remove it and keep it aside.


6-Add 1 tbsp of oil, first add bit of cumin seeds, mustard seeds and when they splutter add green chilies, 1 tbsp of crushed garlic and ginger, and crushed peanuts.


7-Add chopped onions.


8-Add a bit of sugar for browning the onions.


9-Add grated carrots into it.


10-Add chopped beans now.


11-Add salt according to your taste.


12-Add just a pinch of turmeric powder.


13-Stir the vegetables till they are cooked.


14-Add roasted vermicelli and upma and stir well.


15-Add two cups of water into it.


16-Continuosly stir to get a homogeneous mixture, upma soaks the water as you stir.




17-So our yummy Vegetable Vermicelli Upma is ready to be served. Hardly takes 15 minutes to prepare it.
I didn’t add roasted dal or curry leaves as the packet of Mother’s recipe Upma already contains dal and curry leaves. You can add green peas to enhance the taste of upma.

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26 thoughts on “How To Make Vegetable Vermicelli Upma

  1. Hey Taps…..this is a breakfast speciality down in Andhra…..tastes yummy too…..I should get Mother’s upma packet though….didn’t know it had dal and curry leaves………I like the fact that you added so many green chillies in it……upma tastes much much better that way :yahoo:

    1. Yaa Jomol, its my favorite breakfast recipe, I love to add lots of chillies and onions !! Its better to have it than parathas ! :)) Am happy you liked it !

  2. You have made me so super hungry. :hrmph: it looks so yumm. :drool: I make either upma or vermicelli. never thought of this. i’ll give this a shot! :shying:

    1. 😀 Yaa try this, upma tastes much better with vermicelli, me thought of using it and I found I did the right thing,!I am glad you liked it.It takes less time too!
      Rati, you punjabi na? Do share sarson ka saag recipe, I had once, it was yumm, but never could prepare it !

      1. i have no clue how sarso ka saag is made Taps. I just cook to survive. I am so not fond of cooking. :shame: Oh! I also cook if i like something.. all this chatar patar i am quite fond of cooking.. poha, vermicelli, upma, eggs, maggi.. i love these so i cook. :shy:

        1. I had tried once making sunfeast pasta, it turned out to be so horrible ! :yuck: Maggi pasta was ok ok, Komal please share any pasta recipe that would be easy to prepare and yummy in taste.I am not good at this !

  3. lol my mom makes this always but in a different south indian style..this seems lyk a recipe that’ll end up tasty!! And phew I need some variation in upma!! :S

  4. Nice! If you dont add upma and add only vermicelli with all the rest of the ingredients, the it becomes shaavige baath in karnataka and is a typical yummy kannadiga breakfast…

  5. i hav to get this mother’s recipe upma now… vermicelli is there.. soch rhi thi uska kya karun.. so u gave me this superb idea.. & if it tastes as gud as it luks then i’ll have a new breakfast recipe.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: tapas.. :thumbsup:

    1. If you dont have mothers upma then use normal upma available at grocery shops, just add curry leaves,& roasted dal, bas !

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