VLCC Daily Protect Honey Lip Balm Review

VLCC Daily Protect Honey Lip Balm-Review

Hi to all IMBBians!

Today, I will review another lip balm from VLCC. I am obsessed with any lip product that comes my way. All the SAs at the beauty store near my house know me and they even have company brochures ready for me. My mom has stopped coming along with me because she hates how the girls force me to take at least one product from every counter 😛
So when SA was raving, I decided to buy VLCC lip balms in the flavor honey and mango 😀 I found their flavors unique.  Today I will review the honey lip balm.


Rs. 49 for 4g

Shelf life :

3 years

VLCC Daily Protect Honey lip Balm


Honey, shea butter, cocoa butter, octyl methoxycinnamate, zinc oxide, dimethicone

What the product claims:

• The moisture rich formula soothes and conditions lips, keeping them soft and supple.
• Spf 15 protects from harmful effects of sun.
• Light, non greasy formula, provides long lasting moisture leaving the lips supple and hydrated.

Direction for use:
VLCC Daily Protect Honey Lip Balm (4)

Glide it on lips for soft, moisturized lips. Use daily, apply as often required.

My experience with VLCC Daily Protect Honey Lip Balm:

The lip balm comes in a lipstick like packaging; I simply love twist up lib balms, they are easy to carry as well as easy to apply. This is my first lip balm from VLCC as I hated those tubs. The smell of this lip balm is amazing, not of honey but of caramel which disappears within five minutes of application. It comes in an orange colour. This lip balm glides on lips and even with a 3 swipes, it does not makes the lip greasy. This is a non-tinted lip balm that gives shine to the lips. This lip balm stays for 1 hour and makes lips smooth for that 1 hour only. You will have to re-apply otherwise you will have dry lips within minutes after it goes. This can never cure chapped lips. I will  have to go back to my maybelline baby lips. 😀

VLCC Daily Protect Honey Lip Balm (2)

Pros of VLCC Daily Protect Honey Lip Balm Review:

• Nice smell.
• Easy to apply.
• Non greasy.
• Keeps lip soft.
• Contains SPF 15.
• Keeps lip smooth.
• Inexpensive.

VLCC Daily Protect Honey Lip Balm (1)

Cons of VLCC Daily Protect Honey Lip Balm:

• Bad staying power.
• Reapply a hundred times.
• Doesn’t cure chapped lips.
• Not tinted.

VLCC Daily Protect Honey Lip Balm

Would I recommend/repurchase VLCC Daily Protect Honey Lip Balm?

No. I will not. I have not opened the mango flavor lip balm; I think I will return it.

VLCC Daily Protect Honey Lip Balm (3)

IMBB Rating:

2.5 out of 5

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14 thoughts on “VLCC Daily Protect Honey Lip Balm Review

  1. Ditto Sreya, I bought it trusting the brand but it’s not even worth 50 Rs. In fact this one’s better in this series of lip balms. I liked the smell and hydration of mango, so i bought vlcc cherry lip balm and it’s pathetic.. staying power 1 hr max! and the colour is so nasty, it looks like you’ve eaten a paan (beetle leaf) so now i use it in combination with Nivea pearly shine (Another mistake of mine).. 😉

      1. 🙂 Thanks Sreya, well can’t throw them away (not Nivea for its Price :-0) so this idea! 😉 I do the same with my lipsticks as well 😀 ..

  2. thanks fr the review Sreya .. will stay away from this fr sure.. the only way u cn make use of it now is over a dry lipstick to make it all glossy i guess???? 😀

  3. Contrary to the negative reviews, I actually love this! It even cured my chapped lips. I bought it at a time when my lips were badly cracked and bleeding and within a couple of days of using this, my lips were looking pink and healthy. I guess this is one lip balm I’ll be purchasing for life! 🙂

  4. Well, I found this lip balm very nice..works on dry and chapped lips. Yes it doesn’t provide shine but it definitely cares for lips. It smells awsomeeeee 🙂 I’m in luv of its smell!

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