VLCC Skin Defense Lavang Moisturizer

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vlcc skin defense lavang moisturizer

VLCC Skin Defense Lavang Moisturizer
Price: Rs.115.00

This is the VLCC skin defense Lavang moisturizer. It is for normal to oily skin. Its active ingredients are Clove oil (lavang) and Neem. Clove is supposed to be anti germicidal and help in destroying the acne causing bacteria. It is also supposed to control SEBUM production which is actually a waxy oily secretion meant to protect the skin and body against the entry of foreign particles and organisms .Though if present in excess along with keratin protein can lead to several skin problems often associated with oily skin. Neem has been used as an acne fighting herb since ancient times. The product also contains
• Pineapple to lighten blemishes- 4%
• Sulphur an effective germicide in skin problems-3%
• Margosa bark extract-2%(neem)
• Euphorbia Seed extract-1.5%(Choti Dudhi)
• Clove oil-1%
• Lotion base Q.S
vlcc skin defense lavang moisturizer

What the company claims

Non greasy moisturizer for a supple & nourished skin. This moisturizer with herbal extracts of Neem and clove Oil helps n controlling acne and excessive sebum secretion leaving skin non-greasy, smooth and radiant.

My experience

I bought this moisturizer after much coaxing by the VLCC counter lady at my local cosmetics store. I had gone there to buy a pocket sized moisturizer for the winters. But ended up leaving with a bottle of this and my pocket feeling 115rs lighter. Trust those cosmetics counter people in the art of persuasion, I couldn’t refuse.

• My first impression was a tear-jerker! Its scent of cloves was so overpoweringly strong that it brought tears to my eyes on smelling it (I have a tendency to smell every product I buy). Even if you apply it to your skin you may feel irritation in your eyes.
• Secondly, it’s super greasy. All of the company’s claims about it being a non-greasy product go down the drain. If you apply it at night and leave it on then in the morning you will have your own personal oil slick ready to fry “puri” or “pakodas“.
• Also, it just isn’t light. It feels heavy and sticky.
• And finally, about my acne! Well it continues to be the way it is. Not much change noted at all. If your face looks like an oil well obviously your acne isn’t going anywhere. Since, the product is so greasy it continues to promote growth of your acne.

Well, you guys might be wondering is there any good quality to this lotion. Yeah there is one- IT CLEARS UP THE BLEMISHES CAUSED DUE TO ACNE. I can’t say the same for scars but yes, the dark spots are gone “Chhooomantar“. The face starts looking a bit more clear due to that also the product is excellent for people with normal skin type

Also, a note of caution: if you have combination skin like mine or dry skin please do not use this product as it tends to burn the skin often leaving dark patches in its wake. It burns horribly. Don’t mistake this burning for “hey the product is working “because it causes intense damage if you have sensitive skin. The region around my lips and chin which is very dry has turned red with irritation.

vlcc skin defense lavang moisturizer skin irritation

PROs of VLCC Skin Defense Lavang Moisturizer

• Reduces blemishes.
• Provides moisture to your skin (if it isn’t too dry or sensitive).
• Reduces redness caused due to acne if not the actual acne itself.
• Leaves skin feeling cool after the initial burning much like menthol

Cons of VLCC Skin Defense Lavang Moisturizer

• Heavy and greasyvlcc skin defense lavang moisturizer skin blending
• Doesn’t cure your acne
• Very hard to blend into skin. Requires immense rubbing to get it to seep into your skin)
• Burns sensitive and dry skin
• Causes eye irritation
• Has a tendency to cause what in Ayurveda as “body heat” causing large breakouts.

My Verdict

It was not at all worth my money. I will go back to my retinols and benzyl peroxides or even aspirin (salicylic acid). Perhaps a neem and multani mitti pack might work well then this. This was my first VLCC product; I don’t think I will buy VLCC products without researching them completely. I won’t recommend this to anyone with a skin like mine nor will I buy it again.


These are my personal opinions based on my own observations and experiences. Results may vary from person to person so I strictly recommend you to test the product once before deciding whether you like the product or not .

Good luck and a good day byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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20 thoughts on “VLCC Skin Defense Lavang Moisturizer

  1. welcome to imbb vijayta even i use this one.does nothing.
    great review and from the picture u have a beautiful face 😉

  2. i got this to try… it didnt suit me , i have combination skin.. so i made my friend whos a super oilie try it , she now swears by it .. so i think its not a bad product but it is meant for sooper oily skin .. also very little is needed , i made the mistake of applying more and it made me greasy .. :sun: this much is actually what u need , just a tiny amount…

    sad it didnt work for you vijayata 🙁 and welcome 😀

  3. naina me sooop a oily no work for me.too strong berry strong nd also even a dorop does gressy aftr a while

  4. thank you for the review, i alwys had this desire to buy this seeing the ingredient list, but if it leaves your combination skin oily, then my super oily skin will become even more worse.. 🙁

  5. band textiles for 10 percnt duty i think.i got teh peter england msg on my phn the union is oppposing it .

  6. hmmm… found VLCC facial kits and manicure pedicre.. kit… will give them a try… hmm hope they r effective…

  7. :preen: Thanks for the review, I was considering buying this but now I think I will go back to good old Lactocalamine moisturiser to deal with my acne.
    Can someone suggest me a good Herbal shampoo? I have oily scalp which itches and gets dandruff sometimes, but my hair is quite dry. Himalaya doesn’t work for me at all. I’ve been considering biotique but I dunno which of them to pick, really. I’m using Dove right now, which makes my hair just okay. I want to have good hair. :pigtail:

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