VLCC Skin Defense Range Review

VLCC Skin Defense Range:

VLCCSkin defense

I have been buying a lot of VLCC products in the past one year only in the hope that I can do my own facial every week with these products and it will cost me lesser than a VLCC facial in the parlour. Hence I purchased 4 of these from the same range and also more from their skin tightening and lightening range, basically, I am on the lookout for any massage creams that really work and are not oily. I don’t trust many parlours for the authenticity of the products used. By some simple steps I can carry out a facial at home with authentic products when ever I want. In short I don’t visit the parlour to be frank and instead invest in such products. VLCC is one such reputed brand that has managed to gain my trust so far.

VLCC Skin defense wild turmeric face wash:all skin types

VLCC Skin defense Face wash

  • Daily antiseptic cleanser for healthy glowing skin
  • Price: Rs 115 for 100 ml (5 on 5)
  • What the product says: this natural cleanser with pure honey and turmeric has antiseptic properties that protect your skin from the daily damage. It removes microbes and pollutants from the innermost pores leaving the fresh and tingling.
  • Method of use: apply a small amount of the cleanser on moist face and neck. Massage gently with your fingertips and rinse thoroughly. Can be used throughout the year.
  • For best results use twice daily follow this cleanser with vlcc honey moisturiser for soft moisturised skin
  • Ingredients: arjuna bark, wild turmeric, soap nut, honey (to my liking)

All the above claims are 100% true for me. What I love about this product:

  • The smell is like bitter lemon (very refreshing)
  • The soft gentle lather. This does not lather much and I do need more product than a 50 paise coin but that’s okay.
  • The tingling clean soft feeling it leaves on the skin. does not dry my skin.
  • The price is okay for the kind of contents it claims. Lasts me for 20 days.
  • The flip cap and slim bottle is great to carry in the purse. I don’t really like the color and the quality of the packaging of vlcc products to be frank.
  • I will buy it again

Skin defense punarnava astringent:

VLCC Skin defense green Astringent

  • Price rs 115 for 100ml
  • Rating 0 on 5
  • I can safely say you can pass this product. It is a green liquid which smells of balm and tingles and cools my skin like I have applied zandu balm on my face, so much so that it is difficult to open my eyes. I tried mixing it with rose water but it is extremenly strong. No one wants such antiseptic strength to paralyse our skin with the cooling properties. I don’t wanna go into the details of this product as it not worth it.

Skin defense green massage cream: normal to oily skin

VLCC Skin defense green massage cream

  • Balances hydration for smooth supple skin
  • Rating 3.5 on 5
  • Price: Rs 170 for 50 ml
  • What the product claims: herbal extracts like spirulina and chamomile control pimples and blackheads and other blemishes associated with oily skin while keeping skin hydrated and soft
  • Method of use: Apply on clean skin and massage gently for ten minutes. Use thrice a week at bedtime ( I am totally confused whether I am supposed to remove it after massage or no)
  • Ingredients: liquorice, aloe vera, holy basil, spirulina, wheat germ , almond, aunflower, chamomile.(all to my liking. 🙂
  • I usually remove it after a ten minute massage with rose water, it gets absorbed into the skin and leaves a greasy feel. The texture is not so soft so will need to soften it with rose water. I quite like the supple effect it leaves on my skin. It is good for the kind of claims it makes for oily skin. The smell is fresh and totally herbal. I don’t mind making it my nourishing massage cream every week as this is a cream that claims to tackle pimples etc with massage. It’s a good product over all. I have not had any eruptions lately and my skin is behaving well with all round care.
  • I will buy it again as we all should have a massage cream suited to our skin coz a ten minute massage really boosts blood circulation and we cant always head to the parlour for that.

Skin defense red earth face mask: all skin types

VLCC Skin defense mask

  • Refines pores and skin texture
  • Price : Rs 170 for 70 gram
  • Rating 4 on 5
  • What the product says: A rich red earth and tomato mask that visibly shrinks enlarged pores and refines the texture of the skin. It helps in regenerating cellular tissues and slows down skin aging process to reveal a healthier, younger radiant skin.
  • Method of use: Apply on clean face and neck. A thick layer of this mask, avoiding eyes and mouth area. When dry wipe off with sponge and water. Suitable for all skin types.
  • For best results use twice a week. Follow it up by applying vlcc honey moisturiser.
  • Ingredients: zinc oxide, red earth, gum acacia, sulphur, oils of hazelnut, clove, peppermint, extracts of rose petal, tomato seed, kaolin.
  • The texture is like clay. I mix it with rose water and leave it on for 20 minutes. It leaves my skin clear and soft and even. it also soaks up excess oil and smells like multani mitti.
  • I will buy this product again.

Skin defense

My skin is sensitive but none of these products caused any unwanted sensations except the astringent. I am also keen on buying the honey moisturiser by vlcc now.

Have you used VLCC products?

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32 thoughts on “VLCC Skin Defense Range Review

  1. Oh! I faced exactly the same reaction with the VLCC Punarnava toner.I used this product almost 3 ½ to 4 years ago and this was probably the only toner available from VLCC at that time. I felt that this product was exceptionally strong and it is filled with alchohol upto the brim and nothing else.It seriously gives a paralyzing feeling to your skin and you could not open your eyes(your eyes start watering also,this can make you cry) for some time after applying the toner on your face.Honestly,this product looks(it is a garish looking deep green liquid) and smells so synthetic you start doubting whether it is at all herbal or it is some cheap toner(even they will be better than this I suppose) available in the market.This is by far the worst toner that I have used.Neha,you have oily skin,na? If the toner produced the same reaction on our skin then you can imagine how I, who have dry and sensitive skin , felt after using this product.It seems that they have not changed the formula over the years.The face wash was not this bad but it was harsh for my skin nevertheless.This face wash is more suitable for people with oily skin.I have used these two things and the pedicure kit from VLCC and would say that the products in the pedicure kit are better than the facial skincare products.

    1. ya actually vlcc is dicey but its like trial and error
      but good that this review will let ppl know

      i dont know whats the logic behind that toner really
      like zandu balm applied on face

  2. I have never ever used any VLCC product. I don’t know but I have never been able to have that that faith and trust in the brand. May be because of the packaging or because there were better things always available…I don’t know.

    I am really liking the red earth face mask. If at all, this would be my first purchase from VLCC. 🙂

    Thanks , Neha! 🙂

    1. now i am scared. :-(( …i have sensitive skin but it did not give me any untoward reaction….but u be careful rati if u have sensitive skin…try their milder products first…

      1. i meant the parlors that the other parlors offer in the name of vlcc …they are costlier so i rather buy their products my self

    1. oh what did u use
      once revlon compact gave me terrible breakout
      did u try salicylic acid?
      and i would say dont use benzyl peroxide coz it darkens the skin…i feel
      hope u clear up soon
      (lot of free advice sorry)

  3. I’m happy to get some information on VLCC ……….have u tried any other products 4m VLCC neha?I always see their facial kits in d supermarket n wanted to try dem out but d price tag keeps me 4m purchasing them,especially wen I dont hw dey will turn out to be n i would hate to see good money go down d drain…………but now m thinkin of investing in some products………great review neha!! 🙂

    1. thanks :-*
      i have bought their fair skin massage and pack
      and their skin tightening massage cream and pack (rs 215 each)
      will reveiw that too
      they are costlier than these but they do deliver results better than a parlor facial..
      also tried their pedicure kit…love their foot spray in that

  4. I have never purchased anything from VLCC, donna why, but the brand sounds to be hollowly ambitious……….anything else that you are using apart from this Neha????

    1. u mean by vlcc?
      or do u mean i am using too many?
      but my skin is really behaving well and my red undertones are also diminishing now

  5. Nice review Neha, I too am tempted to try their mask esecially since getting a facial done in the parlour is a luxury I do without now thx to my little one, I used to get my pedicures and haircuts done there before.. have’nt in awhile now, they are an extremely pushy lot and Ive never quite trusted them

  6. nice review, would like to add on one real good product from vlcc in the same skin defence range- vlcc exfoliating scrub, i ve been a fan of this product ever since i bought this…fantastic product which when applied in the same manner as mentioned in the pack…contains very fine granules which gives you a soft, clean face ; not at all drying and i just love the silky smooth feel while you wash it off…and the glowing skin is a plus which in my experience only few scrubs can deliver..a littly pricey though-Rs 215..:( well worth a try!!

  7. ple don’t use vlcc product. money waste. and skin damage. my skin before very smooth and glowing face. vlcc product used after my face many blackheads and blemishes and skin so hard. :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank:

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