VLCC Daily Protect Anti-Pollution Lotion with SPF 15

VLCC Daily Protect Anti-Pollution Lotion with SPF 15


VLCC Daily Protect Anti-Pollution Lotion with SPF 15


Rs. 79 for 100 ml.  Smaller versions are also available.

Remember how we oily-skinned girls love Lacto Calamine each day and swear to not live without it? The purpose for which I use Lacto Calamine are numerous; I can slather it on after a day out in the sun, after cleaning my face and before makeup, as a tinted moisturiser and what not and yet not worry about break outs.  The lotion that I am reviewing today can reach up to half as much as my love for Lacto Calamine, this I can guarantee all you Lacto Calamine users.

sun block

I tried this lotion in a 10-rupee sachet sent to me as a sample when I shopped from an online shopping site. I was more than tempted to toss it in the bin like I do with all samples sent or creams and oils that I would dare not try on, but this one was calling out to me, more so because it had a screw cap to the sachet and I thought I might as well try it on my hand before throwing it off.  When I did try it on, the peachy lotion got absorbed so fast on my hand that I was determined to try it on my face due to all the claims of protection and so on, I must say I was impressed!

There are several reasons why I like the lotion and the feel and the after effect of it on my face. Remember, I have oily skin and on other days, I would not experiment with creams and lotions.  When I talk about this one, take my word that there must be something in it worth trying even for oily skin.


The lotion is a thick one , not oil based, but rather feels water based to me.  It has a pretty peachy tint to it and the lotion gets absorbed really fast.  You need very little of this and what I particularly like about this lotion is that it leaves a soft matte effect on the face, no layer of slick oily skin, but a “touchably” softer layer on the skin which you may find a little thick, but that’s how it forms a protective layer in my opinion.


This lotion is thick but gets completely absorbed in the skin and you can feel like you are wearing a light layer on your face.  It may feel a little greasy too for oily skin after half and hour or so. This also has SPF 15 for people like me who may not be exposed to direct sun, but would still wear some protection for the heck of it.


I wear it before I apply any makeup on and after cleansing whenever I go out.  I use it almost like Lacto Calamine and as a base to any light or heavy makeup. I know that this is forming a barrier on my skin and hence powder would not block my pores (it may be all psychological for all you know, but it works for me).  This may not be as matte as Lacto Calamine, but still leaves skin visibly matte for two hours at least and if I use makeup on top of it, I am set for another 4 hours. It may feel greasy but may look matte.


Swatch 2


Why You Should Try VLCC Daily Protect Anti-Pollution Lotion with SPF 15:

  • If you are looking for some lighter alternative to Lacto Calamine.
  • If you need a base before makeup, but not really a moisturiser.
  • If you need mild sun protection.
  • If you want to keep skin matte for some time.
  • If you want your dry skin to be nourished by a heavier layer before you step out.
  • If you want a barrier on your skin before you expose it to wind, pollution and the sun.
  • If you have sensitive skin.
  • If you dislike heavier sunscreens and would want a lighter alternative.

The “MOST” important thing about this lotion is that it is very very mild, skin friendly, gentle, does not cause any irritation and leaves skin matte for some time.  It also leaves a glowing sheen on the skin as if my skin was never oily or dry, but just the way it is (the lotion is not  tinted).

Oily skin may want to use very little of this for fear of grease and dry skin will not mind any amount.  I did not get any break out or any untoward sensation and irritation on the skin and I really recommend this to sensitive skin.

Last Word on VLCC Daily Protect Anti-Pollution Lotion with SPF 15:

I think it delivers what it claims.  I am liking this as a barrier lotion as well as a moisturiser.  Dry skin would really love it as it may leave a little grease for oily skin, but still keep skin visibly matte.  I recommend trying out a sachet or a smaller bottle if you use makeup and if you step out of the home daily, you may want to use this daily.

IMBB Rating:

3.9 on 5.

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23 thoughts on “VLCC Daily Protect Anti-Pollution Lotion with SPF 15

  1. Neha, mai bhi laaungi yeh, isss se bhi chotu bottle aati hai kyaa :woot: :woot: thanks for sharing :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Waise i tried Dermocalm lotion, which is like calamine lotion only… but i find it better than Lacto calamine only.. Arja reviewed it some days back… u can try that 🙂

    1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: hain dekhu toh
      i want dermocalm too
      its a mild moisturiser but koi cover up nahi karta but still
      but chennai ke liye it can be greasy 😐
      han ek 10 rupaye ka sachet hai
      sirf woh try kar

        1. acha mujhe aur bhi kuch ask karna hai
          did ur derma givbe u some nice salicylic acid based lotion?
          i dont know y like salicylic acid
          ya aisa koi lotion like cetaphil which i can pick off the shelf?

          1. neha saslic wash DS wala he has given me…. n only gels for applying….. 🙂
            the wash is reallyyyyy gooodd for oily, acne prone skin….
            if ur skin is super oily , go for the DS version, and normal oily k liye plain wala :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:

  2. Hey Neha I was so looking forward to use this. Thanks for the review. I guess I can skip this one now. Lacto Calamine is best for sure 🙂

  3. hwyy neha..!!! nice review…!! me too using lacto-calamine past 12years..!!! i just perfect for me….. 🙂 will surely give a try to this 🙂 :happydance: :happydance:

  4. Thanks for this review! I was also sent this lotion as a sample and I’ve been contemplating using it. But your opinion has made me more confident to try it. 😀

  5. neha I will also get it. I mean delhi mein toh anti pollution is a freakin must. :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:

  6. i am getting this on ur reco now… luved ur revu neha :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: .. this seems naice…. :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

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