VLCC Nourishing & Silky Shine Shampoo Review

Hair Type: Thin, wavy, dry and frizzy
Hello Beauties,
My today’s pick is a shampoo from VLCC. Though, I like most of the face products from VLCC. But this is my first pick of a hair care product from the same brand. To know more about my experiences with the product, keep reading!
VLCC Nourishing Silky Shine Shampoo

Product Description:
A mild formulation with Green Almond Oil, Amla and Soy Protein gently cleanses your hair while providing nutrition of proteins and vitamins. Amla nourishes hair and strengthens its follicle. Soy protein conditions and improves body, texture and gloss of hair while preventing breakage. Green Almond oil enriched with Vitamin E makes hair beautiful, shiny and silky.

Price & Quantity: 255 INR for 350ml

My Experience with VLCC Nourishing & Silky Shine Shampoo:

The shampoo comes in a big transparent cylindrical bottle. The see-through bottle helps to check how much amount is left. The bottle has a white colored flip cap. You can see the greenish colored shampoo inside the bottle with some bubbles. I like the packaging of the shampoo. The bottle has all necessary details about the product at the back. Overall, the packaging of the shampoo is sturdy and leak proof. But it is bulky and not fit for travel purposes.

The shampoo has a nice and refreshing smell, which is pleasant and not over powering. It has some citrusy & mixed fruity fragrance, which feels so pleasant. The shampoo is translucent greenish liquid. The consistency of the shampoo is neither too thick nor too runny. To clean greasy hair well, I need a good amount to work with. It lathers pretty well. It spreads evenly on wet hair. I used the shampoo without any conditioner to know how the shampoo works exactly. And my experiences are not good.

When, I was running my fingers on my hair to cleanse them, my hair felt so rough. It makes my hair so rough and dry. It really took so long to detangle my hair and it caused a lot of hair breakage. My hair felt so rough like a broom. When, my hair dried, they looked horrible. I have to apply some hair serum immediately to make my hair tangle free and manageable. Though my hair had some luster but they were not at all silky. The product claims to provide nourishment, but it made my hair so unmanageable and frizzy. It even caused hair fall. I personally felt that the shampoo snatched away all the natural oil and moisture from my hair and made them rough. The shampoo washes out easily. In short the shampoo did not meet expectations. In other words I would say this is such a dud!
bottle opening

Pros of VLCC Nourishing & Silky Shine Shampoo:

• Packaging is nice.
• Greenish liquid.
• Good consistency.
• Nice & refreshing fragrance.

Cons of VLCC Nourishing & Silky Shine Shampoo:

• Dried out my hair.
• Does not live up to the claims.
• Snatches away all moisture from the hair.
• Makes them frizzy.
• Does not make hair silky & shiny.
• No nourishment.
• Causes hairfall.

IMBB Rating: 2/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend VLCC Nourishing & Silky Shine Shampoo?
No to both.

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One thought on “VLCC Nourishing & Silky Shine Shampoo Review

  1. I am also using the same shampoo for past 2 weeks. My hair especially during winter is very oily and greesy. So as i use this shampoo twice in a week my hair is totally fine! It shines also! and I feel good using this shampoo. The shampoo is not a harsh one, it is very mild. It doesn’t make much lather, so i need to take a good amount to cover all my hair. But my experience with the shampoo is not that bad as yours. I can’t say very much about nourishing, but my hair feels good after using this shampoo. And it shines also. Maybe it’s not for dry hairs. But for oily hairs like mine I have good experience with the shampoo. But i don’t know whether I’ll buy it again or not, cause sunsilk is far more better than this one.

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