VOV Lipstick – 522 Berry Berry

VOV Lipstick – 522 Berry Berry

Hey all you girlies…

How are you doing? There is one more shade from VOV lipstick collection of mine. Now, everybody tempted me so much with red lipsticks that I finally picked up one. Still figuring out whether I can carry it or not. Read on to find out how this one is treating me.

VOV Lipstick 522  Berry Berry


INR 210 for 4.2 grams

Ingredients: castor oil, candelilla wax, lanolin, carnoba wax, bees wax, petroleum jelly, propyl paraben, BHT, vitamin E.

My experience with VOV Lipstick – 522 Berry Berry:

This range of VOV has some wonderful names for their shades. This one is named berry-berry. If I were to choose names, I would have called it bloody-bloody. 😛
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This range comes in a transparent glass see through packaging which is really attractive. This is not as fragile as you may think it is. It is a thick sturdy packaging with a tight click lock. It is travel friendly and wouldn’t be damaged at all in your handbag. Also, it is easy to find on in a heap of lipsticks that we sometimes create in our cupboards. 😛

The shade is a bloody red. It is a really bright shade and you need to be super confident to carry such shades. This would best go in night occasions with black attire. It would give a sexy look then. But if I wear such bright red in day time, it would make me look like a vampire who has just drunk tons of blood. 😛 I have seen a model wearing such red in an advertisement which I do not remember now. I think it is good to have one such shade in the vanity. It would come handy in some special occasions where everything else is subtle and the lipstick will remain the centre of attraction. Also, only confident women can carry such shade. I am still gathering mine.
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The lipstick is very smooth to apply and it glides on its own- going true to its name. Applying this shade with a similar liner or with brush would be a better option as it tends to bleed. The freshly applied lipstick has a buttery sheen on the lips which remains for 15 minutes and rest of the time it remains dry but not completely matte. No matter how long you wear it, it would never give you that driest dry feeling that most long staying lipsticks give. It stayed on me for good 6 hours surviving a meal and numerous water sips. It transfers a little and fades uniformly. For those who want to try such a shade can pick this up as it offers good quality at a fair price.

Now, when you purposely sniff the bullet closely, it would remind you of a vanilla ice-cream but otherwise I did not notice any smell while applying. In short, they are giving you a complete package at a decent price. As you can see I have hoarded so many shades, I would recommend you too to buy these as soon as you spot them at your nearby store. I wish they overcome the availability issue.
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Pros of VOV Lipstick – 522 Berry Berry:

• Cute transparent glass packaging.
• Pretty bloody red shade.
• Long staying.
• Brightens up your face.
• Travel friendly.
• Decent price.

red lipstick

Cons of VOV Lipstick – 522 Berry Berry:

• Availability.
• Contains paraben.


Those who have the confidence to wear bright reds should definitely buy this one. It can really brighten up otherwise subtle attire and makeup.

Repurchase: No, this would go a long way for me as it is not an everyday shade.

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Until next time, take care!

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28 thoughts on “VOV Lipstick – 522 Berry Berry

  1. wow what a shade! *drool* and it looks so good on you *powder* . wish ke yeh Gurgaon mein available hota *shock*

  2. Seems like you purchased this entire range and the store person would be having nothing to sell *hihi* *hihi* very stunning red *woot* me not at all confident in carrying such bright reds *nababana* *nababana*

    1. *hihi* *hihi* nai nai saloni… he had 30 more shades.. i felt like picking them all up.. but i held myself thinking k pehle i have to figure out which shades i already have.. or else i would picked up same same shades.. 😀

  3. dis color looks awesome on u Sahiba *preen* ….out of all the earlier shades u hv shared here..i like this the most as m not a big fan of browns and n*des u wear mostly….n u hv become a brand ambassadress of VOV *jalwa* ….u must start charging them now…. 😛

  4. The shade is undoubtedly super hot *whistle* *woot* *pompom* but wont go with my dusky complexion *nababana* *cry* Awesum lip swatch Sahiba *powder* *jai ho*

    1. thankuu so much ritika.. *happy dance* dont wory many fair beauties also cannot carry off such a shade… *puchhi*

  5. it is bloody bloody… Lol rofl me also afraid to try red lipsticks.. the shade is lovely *powder* nice shade and review *clap*

    1. hehe.. seriously when i was removing it, it looked as if i have just drunk blood… *hihi*
      thanku so much nats… *happydance*

  6. Hey Sahiba,

    Great colour and swatch. I feel you will do justice to that colour on your lips :). BTW, I envy you for your VOV lipstick collections *nonono*.

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