VOV Moisture Vogue Charm Lip Gloss Review

VOV Moisture Vogue Charm Lip Gloss Review

Afternoon to all fellow beauties,

Another trip to the Beauty Center and as usual, you end up buying more than you had intended to (typically girly).  So, after I was done buying the item I had gone there to buy, I caught a glimpse of something I love, lipsticks and glosses.  Well, I am not a gloss lover, but these looked like liquid lip colour.  So, I went to the counter and saw a basket full of lovely VOV lip shades. There were coffee browns, nudes, some shimmer ones and a set of quirky pinks. I took a liking to this bright pink instantly.



Mentioned Rs. 160,after discount Rs. 100 😀 😀 for 8.0 ml.


This one is #900, there was #100 which was a little less brighter than this one.


Parrafin, Mineral Oil, Lanolin, Micro crystalline wax, Propyl Paraben, BHA, Pearlescent Pigments.

Pink Lip Gloss 2

My Take on VOV Moisture Vogue Charm Lip Gloss:

I am sure all of you agree that we look more for colour in our glosses than the shine itself.  So, I particularly asked the SR if this was a translucent shade or a proper lip colour. She assured it would give good coverage.  When I opened it and took a swatch on my hand, I was thoroughly disappointed.  Wasted money again, I thought, but when I applied it on the lips, it wasn’t that bad after all.  Though it is a proper shiny gloss, it does impart slight colour. So, though initial impressions were bad, this gloss finally won me after a few more glimpses in the mirror 🙂


Pink Lip Gloss

Staying power of course is bad being a gloss, but I think this can do wonders if applied on a matte pink or nude.  It will impart a nice sheen.

Lip Swatches:


Pink Lips 1

Pink Lips 2

Transfers easily

Pros of VOV Moisture Vogue Charm Lip Gloss:

  • You would fall in love with the colour.
  • Very mild chewing gum type smell.
  • Nonsticky.
  • Cheap for the quantity provided.
  • Brightens up the face.
  • The icons on the bottle indicate it is recyclable and no animal testing has been done.

Lip Gloss

Cons of VOV Moisture Vogue Charm Lip Gloss:

  • Bad staying power, being a gloss.
  • Would have been great if it would have imparted more of the colour and less shine.
  • Ingredient list is full of chemicals.
  • Transfers very quickly.

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16 thoughts on “VOV Moisture Vogue Charm Lip Gloss Review

  1. Hey, I bought shade 33 which is very pigmented pretty pink! Staying power is less but it does leave a hint of color behind 🙂 These are a must try though 🙂 Btw i bought it only for 85 Rs, Vov is like that changes from place to place…

  2. I bought this for 85 Rs near my place, VOV is like that. I bought shade 33! and its Very pigmented, staying power is low but it does leave hint behind. You should try 33 🙂 Its a very pretty pink!

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