8 Ways to Make Forehead Look Smaller Naturally

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I’m back with another post for you all! Today, we would be talking about how to make forehead look smaller naturally. There is a popular belief that a person with broad forehead reflects wisdom and intelligence. If you have a large forehead, it means that you have more wisdom. At the same time, having a broad forehead may be a troublesome issue for women as it may make her face look bigger and bulky as well. So, if you want to make your forehead look smaller, follow these easy tips.

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1. Opt for bangs:

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If you have a broad forehead, one easy way to make your forehead look smaller is to opt for a hairstyle with bangs. From side-swept bangs to fringes and layers, there are many hairstyles that can help to make your forehead look smaller naturally. Always choose the right type of hairstyle with bangs which suits your face cut.

2. Highlighting your hair:

Another easy trick to make your forehead look smaller is opting for highlights. Highlighting your hair can help to divert the attention from the forehead towards the hair. It is a valuable trick which allows a person to observe your hair more the forehead. Always choose the right type OF highlight color which suits your hair color and skin tone as well.

3. Use darker foundation:

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Using darker foundation is one among the easy and effective trickS that can help to make your forehead look smaller. Make sure you apply dark foundation on the forehead temples and also on the hairline so that it creates an impression of a small forehead. Choose a foundation which is five shades darker than your skin tone. Now, blend the foundation until you get a seamless finish. Make sure there are no harsh lines left on the forehead. This easy trick will make your forehead look smaller.

4. Highlighting the face:

Highlighting your face can prove to be a helpful trick in making your forehead look naturally smaller. You should always choose a shimmery or shining highlighter and apply on the forehead. Apply on the center and spread it using the fingers between the eyebrows. Make sure you blend the highlighter well. Also, you can apply some highlighter on the nose to make it look sharp and good.

5. Eye makeup:

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Opting for the right type of makeup can be another easy way to make your forehead look smaller naturally. When you apply eye makeup, it diverts the attention from your broad forehead to eyes and makes them look more dramatic. Your eye makeup can make a lot of difference not only to the face appearance but also the forehead appearance.

6. Opt for the right eyebrow shape:

Another important feature which can make your broad forehead look smaller is the right eyebrow shape. Opting for the right eyebrow shape can make your forehead look smaller. You should always try to keep your eyebrows sharp and pointed so that it covers a tiny area of the forehead making it look small. Changing your eyebrows into an angular shape can make your forehead look smaller.

7. Wear a bindi:

Wearing a bindi on your forehead is another easy way to make your forehead appear smaller. Wearing a bindi can help to cover a large space on the forehead thus, making it appear smaller. You should choose the right type of bindi which suits your face shape.

8. Bronzer:

Brown bronzer, powder

One more effective tip that can make a large-sized forehead look smaller is using bronzer. Just like foundation, you should choose bronzer which is a darker shade than your skin tone. Take some bronzer and apply on the temples of the forehead. Blend perfectly with a brush around the hairstyle. Using bronzer on your forehead can make your forehead look smaller and create an impression of small bone structure.

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