Ways To Retain the Post Marriage Glow

When I took those sacred vows and landed at “sasuland,” I realized how my life had changed. I was expected to look perfect all the time, perfect skin, hair, makeup, dresses, and trust me, to look flawless from head to toe and with all the crazy running around and new environment to adjust to is not at all easy. Your skin starts giving up and you get pimples, blemishes and blackheads, etc. And then you wear tonnes of makeup all the time for some party, anniversary, Chachiji’s dinner and Mamiji’s lunch gatherings.

Thanks to my four-month-old baby called experience, I have now almost mastered this art of looking good for hours. I know how to apply makeup, so do you, so it makes a rainy day look bright too!!(Okay, I might be assuming, but if you don’t, then I am sure there are so many articles on this website that you may want to hop on to them and then come back to mine). Below are some tried and tested things:

The Golden Rule of 3: Yes, I still do it everyday. You must never skip the routine. Cleanse your skin thoroughly, tone and moisturise (even if you have oily skin – use a water-based moisturizer). I use tea tree oil based products from The Body Shop as I have oily skin which is quite prone to pimples. You should choose your products after careful consideration keeping in mind your skin type.  Also, do not change them too often (I would have said don’t change them forever, but which product is manufactured forever by a brand nowadays).  Also, do not underestimate the power the scrubbing once in a few days.

Sleep Light: I once forgot to take my makeup off at night and woke up with a pimple of the size of Sri Lanka :O!!! At night, take all your makeup off with a soft cleanser, I make my own with baby oil, coconut oil, and a few drops of rose water. Also, start using under eye gel and night creams and use lip balm while going to bed.

Let’s get the magic wand working:  Gone are the days when you could put some daily crème on and were good to go, Mr Foundation has been invented for a reason. There are days when you definitely find yourself weak in the battle against tensions, running around, new people and other changes resulting in blemishes that make your skin look dull and tired and then you get a phone call that there is a dinner party.  To the rescue, comes the foundation! Use a good quality foundation with the colour matching your skin tone – remember going for a shade lighter doesn’t make you look fairer instead, it makes you look artificial. I used Lakme Absolute White Intense.  It has a very mousse like feel to it and spreads across my skin flawlessly and doesn’t clog pores. It will neither look cakey nor break at places, which happens usually with foundations.  If you have scars or visible blemishes, do not try and cover them under extra layers of foundation, instead use a good quality concealer before applying foundation. Foundation can only cover small spots.

Though most of the people say even the concealer should be used matching to the skin tone, I have a different opinion about it. I prefer using concealer which is one shade lighter than my skin tone as the blemishes are dark and a light coloured layer makes it match my skin tone.

Applying Foundation:

  • Ensure your skin is well moisturised – If you over moisturise, the application will be smooth, but within a few hours, your face will look like a paratha. If you leave your skin dry, the foundation will not spread, leaving marks and blotches. Let the moisturizer get absorbed into the skin.  Do not forget to apply foundation on your neck.
  • Apply concealer with a clean brush evenly on the blemishes.
  • Start applying foundation dots (small) from your forehead and work the dots towards the chin.
  • Blend the dots well to ensure complete coverage.
  • Stand facing bright light for a better view of your skin.
  • Do not forget to apply foundation on your neck – it looks clumsy.

If you have to wear makeup the entire day and want the base to be light, opt for a BB or a CC cream. They too have a good coverage on the skin and are light, giving the skin a chance to breath, but I do find mine a little oily at times, I don’t know the ones from the other brands, but I will try Lakme CC soon.


How To Apply BB or CC Crème:

Maybelline BB Cream

  • Application is just like a normal day creme.
  • Do not use a moisturiser, it has moisture in it.
  • Do not use concealer before applying such creams as the patch will be visible.
  • Wear these creams only if you have light spots or marks which can be covered by the application of the creams only.

Cover it up:  Always cover the foundation by dabbing some compact for an oil-free clean look. You may opt for a dry powder or a cakey + wet compact. I am a big fan of Lakme beauty products and their dry powder.  I apply my Maybelline BB cream, but it has a tendency of getting oily after a while and Lakme Absolute works best for foundation.

Of course, after this you will get on to get your hands on eye shadow and lip colours, but remember too many colours add confusion. Also, either do you eyes heavily or your lips. Focus on one of the features only.

P.S. This is my picture when I dressed up for a post marriage ritual at home. (I did it all on my own).

Indian Bride

*Nothing will beat a beautiful skin from within, Gurlie you have just got married, have fruits, healthy food, drink plenty of water, get that beauty sleep and tada – see the difference 🙂

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33 thoughts on “Ways To Retain the Post Marriage Glow

  1. superb post shravya.. *clap* I agree with all ur tips and ideas.. you reallly rockdd as an indian bahu in saasuland know.. *happydance*

  2. Very nicely and humourously written! 🙂 My initiation into the so-called “sasuland” was very different though. Nobody wears any kind of makeup, some of the younger girls may wear kajal but that’s about it. I had to tone down my makeup very severely to just a basic kajal, compact and maybe tinted lip balm when visiting relatives to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb. In fact during my brother-in-law’s wedding last year, I was probably the most made up after the bride and I was wearing a BB cream, kajal, eyeliner, blush, light eyeshadow and lipstick! *powder*

    1. Awwwwww… I am so blessed to be married into a family where most of the women love their makeup… i mean ” TILL DEATH DOES US APART” kind of love 🙂 Btw I think for a light morning BB cremes do just fine too *powder*

  3. Very helpful post Shravya. You look gorgeous. I liked that you look so naturally flawless, not at all madeup! Which eyeshadow and blush have you used in this pic?

  4. i sooo loved reading your post. *clap* *clap* *clap* great tips for makeup. even i have oily skin n scared of using moisturisers *scared* *scared*

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