10 Excellent Tips to Turn Your Day Makeup into Night

By Chanchala Bose

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We lead a hectic lifestyle. We tend to spend our entire day in the office. And then if we get invited to an evening party, we try to skip it since getting ready after the office is a task. After a long tiring day at work and being stuck in formal outfits, a party is not what we usually appreciate. So, don’t worry, today I am listing down 10 excellent makeup tips that will help you get ready for those night parties.

10 Excellent Tips to Turn Your Day Makeup into Night

Replace blush with highlighter

Perfect night makeup look

Blush is for daytime makeup when you want the look of those lovely flushed cheeks. But you need to highlight your features in the nighttime. So, ditch your blushers for night makeup and go for highlighters to accentuate your features.

Add smokey makeup

A plain, basic, simple makeup look is sufficient during the day but just kohl-rimmed eyes are not enough for the night. So go all out with eye makeup and opt for a sultry and smokey look.

Replace nude eyeshadows with glitter or bright eyeshadows

bright eyes makeup with fake eyelashes
Nude eye shadows are for daytime makeup yet you can use them only to create smokey eyes for the night. So, add a pop of colour or glitter to your eyes for the upcoming night time makeup.

Wear a bold lipstick

loreal plum lipsticks FOTD

Daytime makeup is all about wearing subtle and nude lippies but nighttime gives you the freedom to experiment. So wear a bold lipstick shade and rock the night. But remember, choose to keep your lips subtle if you are opting for heavy eye makeup.

Lash game

Time to bring up your lash game. You should try to curl your lashes in order to add a sexy look to it. Add layers of mascara for more glam or if you are comfortable add a pair of falsies too.

White eyeliner trick

White eyeliners are quite versatile. You can play around with them in multiple ways. You can use one on the inner corners of your eyes etc. Here is an article that shows more of its uses.

Add definition to your lips

bright ombre lips tutorial

Prep your lips and define them with a pencil to add ultimate definition to them. A seductive pout is all you need to be the centre of attention.

Colourful nails

If you know you are going to a party afterwards, add a bold nail color beforehand. Perfectly groomed nails never go out of fashion.

Contouring game strong

perfect cream contouring tutorial
After a long tiring day at the office, you deserve some much-needed appreciation. So, along with highlighter, you need to be all seductive and sexy. Don’t skip contouring as will complement the highlighter.

Make it night proof

With all the dancing and partying, you need to keep your makeup in place. Set your makeup with a makeup setting spray. This will keep your makeup intact and retain its finish too.

And these were some extremely realistic and easy peasy tricks on how to turn your day makeup into night. Let me know if you are aware of any more tips and tricks in the comments down below. 🙂

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