Step-by-Step Makeup Tutorial – Sharp Edged Cat Smokey Eyes

By “Aarti Makker from Let’s Make Up

Hi, guys!
I feel so very privileged to be able to showcase my work on this super rocking makeup community. A special thanks to IMBB for giving me this honour. Today, I am showing how you can create the cat eye smokey look, which is every woman’s favourite. I have added a twist by creating cat eyes with the help of the ‘tape technique’. Here’s is how you all can achieve this look!
Step-by-Step Makeup Tutorial - Sharp Edges Cat Smokey Eyes

Step 1

Prime the eyes with Inglot Eye Makeup Base to prevent any creasing.
step 1

Step 2

Put the doctor tape on both the eyes. Ensure that the placement is absolutely in sync with each other. The best bet here is to connect the tape with the outer corners of your eyes; place the tape at the angle where the eyebrow’s tail ends.
step 2

Step 3

Take any gel liner (black), smudge it on the eyelids till the crease.
step 3

Step 4

Take a carbon black eyeshadow and pack it over for intensity.
step 4

Step 5

Apply the gel liner again in half of the lower eyelid.
step 5

Step 6

Pack the step 5 with the black eyeshadow.
step 6

Step 7

Highlight the brow bone with MAC Nylon.
step 7

Step 8

Take a fluffy brush and apply a transition colour and also blend any harsh lines.
step 8

Step 9

Intensify the look with a hint of glitter on the eyelids. Apply a pair of falsies too.
step 9

Products Used:

1. Inglot Gel Liner no 77
2. MAC Carbon Black Eyeshadow
3. MAC Nylon Eyeshadow for the brow bone
4. Krylon Spark Glitter

About the Makeup Artist:

I am Aarti Makker from Lets Make Up , Lets Makeup is my Academy name , I am a makeup Educator and Trainer , I started loving make up as a kid and eventually grew up making my passion into my profession. I truly believe in the power of Makeup and its magic which can create an ordinary looking girl into a Diva. My passion is surely going to help u all to get in and look your dazzling self. I have been training many students and empowering them to pursue their career. Can’t express enough my deep gratitude towards makeup and it’s power.


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