10 Eye Makeup Looks to Go with Red Pout

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Festive season is just around the corner and a red pout is one of the easiest ways to brighten up the face. In today’s post let’s discuss what kinds of eye looks go well with red lipstick.


Go bare eyed!

Let the red pout be the focus of your look. Just use an illuminating eye primer on your lids and finish off with layers of mascara. In short, let your pout do all the talking.

Black cat eyes:

10 Eye Makeup Looks to Go with Red Pout

This is one of the sensuous combos, that you can go for! Line your eyes perfectly with thick lining of jet black eyeliner to go with your red lippie.

Go neutral:


This is another way of making your eyes look more open. You can go for beige or brown liner and apply it on your waterline. This will make your eyes look more awake to go with your pout.

Just a wash of colour:

You can use any subtle eye shadow shade and use it to apply all over your lid. Now finish off with layers of mascara to give your eyes some definition.

Bolder lashes:


You can make a strong statement by using false lashes, oodles of mascara and a swipe of kajal along your waterline. This will make for a striking look with red pout.

Shimmery liner:


This one makes for a stunning festive look. A quick swipe of grey/ blue/ green shimmer eye shadow over the eye lids will complement in a great way with red lipstick.

The basic liner look:

A swipe of black eye liner on your upper lids, some mascara and tight lining the lower lash would do the magic.

Double winged eye liner look:


You need to be really precise with double wings. Use a good gel liner to make your wings. Keep the lines neat and clean and your pout flawless.

Smokey eyes:


Yes, you can do full fledged smokey eyes with red pout. You can experiment with different colours like khaki, brown, gray or you can always go for classy black smokey eyes.

Festive golden eyes:

Nothing screams festive than eye shimmery golden shadow and sexy red pout! These two colors create such a regal, classy look which is apt for every festival. You need a shimmery gold shadow and a shade of red that looks the best on you.

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