Beginners Guide to Eye Makeup

Hi ladies,
If you do your eye makeup properly, it will help to amplify your whole face and make you look ultra glam. If you are a beginner, then read this post to find out all you need for perfect eye look every time.

beginners guide to eye makeup

Know your eye shape:

This is the first, and the most crucial step when it comes to eye makeup. Knowing your eye shape can help you so much in finding the right eye makeup look for you. There are all sorts of shape from monolids to deep set eyes, and from protruding to hooded eyes! Determine which one is yours.

Invest in eye makeup brushes:

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You can try countless looks with a good palette, and few really good makeup brushes. When you are a beginner, you just want to have fun with your makeup and try different looks, so good brushes are a must.

Buy an eye primer:

A primer will keep your makeup from melting off and will provide a good base. If you don’t want to invest in an eye primer, then you can use your concealer, foundation or even a nude or white pencil to act as a base.

A good quality kohl or kajal pencil is a must:

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A black kajal, will obviously help to get that intensified bold look for your eyes. You can also use this on your upper lashes, as an eye liner or you can create smokey eyes with a kajal too. So bottom line is you can do a lot with just a kajal pencil.

Keep those lashes curled:

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When you are a beginner then those lash curlers can be intimidating to work with, but they are the first step in getting those perfectly curled lashes. There are so many inexpensive curlers available in the market, buy one without any hesitation as you won’t regret this purchase.

Do you have a white eye pencil?

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If you want just few products as a beginner that are effective, then add a white eye pencil to the list too. It has so many multipurpose uses like you can define your brows with it, it brightens the corners of your eyes, you can also use them on your waterline, for more awake look.

Don’t forget to highlight:

Highlight the inner corners of your eyes by using a lighter color of eye shadow on the eyes as this makes the eyes look brighter, and make your whole makeup look pop.

Use that mascara:

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Start applying mascara from the roots of your lashes and not the tips to ensure you have got good volume and your lashes don’t look weighed down. While applying the mascara on lower lashes, place a tissue paper right under your lashes to prevent smudging your makeup. You can also apply 2-3 coats of mascara but make sure that previous coat is completely dried before you apply a fresh one.

Get that eyeliner right:

You can try your hands on pencil and liquid eye liners before venturing on to gel liners. Instead of looking straight ahead in a mirror, tilt your head up and look down as you apply your eyeliner. Also make sure you apply the eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible, so that it appears to be a part of your natural lash line.

Invest in a neutral palette:

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An eye shadow palette with neutral hues, will help you to experiment a lot with different eye looks. You can try countless looks with a good eye shadow palette that will also help you take your look from day to night. There are so many options available in neutral palettes that are less than 1K. So don’t hesitate in buying one.

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