10 Makeup and Hairstyling Tips for Women with Thin Faces

By Khadeeja A.

Hello, everyone!

If you want to look slimmer, there are so many tutorials and techniques available everywhere. But if you already have a skinny face and want to look ‘healthier’ by plumping up your face, you will have a tough time finding out tips to help you. So today, I have listed down some amazing hair and makeup tips for women with thin, narrow or skinny faces.

Even out the tone and texture of your base

The first thing I would suggest is to keep your base makeup even. Using different shades of foundation and concealer will differentiate the high and low points of your face. This, in turn, narrows down your face. It is also very important to prime your face well to create a very even canvas for your base makeup. Any folds, wrinkles or eye bags will give a weak and skinny appearance.

The right shade of blush

Apply light and soft shades of blush. Avoid dark or deep shades, because they tend to create the shadow and give your face a sharp look. Applying light shades will give you a healthier look.

Blush in the right areas

While applying blush, do not apply it on your cheekbones. Instead, go for the insides of the apple of your cheek. This highlights the plumper part of your face and also creates an illusion of a wider face.

Contour it right

If you are skinny, contouring your cheeks is a big no-no. However, I suggest you contour your forehead and chin areas to reduce the length of your face. This will create a well-balanced structure for your skinny face.

Time for the highlighter, but with a twist

Apply the highlighter slightly below your cheekbones and blend it into the apples of your cheeks. This brings a huge difference in the facial structure and gives a very healthy and fresh look.

Groom your brows accordingly

Do not neglect your eyebrows as they play a very important role in shaping your face. Shape your brows such that the length of your brows is slightly long. Also, do not keep your arch too high. This creates an illusion of a widened face.

Bangs are your best friends

Bangs will give you a very bubbly and cheeky appearance. And they also cut down on the length of your face. So, your face tends to look wider than it is.

Layers, layers and more layers

If you do not want to go for bangs, layers will come to your rescue. Adding layers to your hair will add texture and volume to your hair. This makes a skinny face look fuller. You can go for beautiful face framing layers.

Volume in the crown area

Adding some volume to the crown area by teasing and backcombing will help you out. You can also try the puff hairstyles. But remember, not to go for a very narrow puff; take a wider portion of your hair and tease it.

The right parting for hair

Side parting makes your face look fuller and rounder. So avoid middle parting and go for a side parting.

Hope these tips were helpful. Have a good day. 🙂

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