How To Shape and Groom Your Eyebrows Beautifully

By Umang Vanshika

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to get beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows:
How To Shape and Groom Your Eyebrows Beautifully

Step 1:

What you will need:

  •  A small angled brush, I used 263 by MAC.
  • A clean spoolie (a mascara wand)
  • A completely matte eye shadow that exactly matches with your natural hair colour, I used “Charcoal Brown” by Sephora.

Makeup products for grooming brows

Step 2:  Start by first giving your brows a really good brush through by using your spoolie. This will help your brow hair to settle down into their place.
Step 1

Step 3:  Start depositing the eyeshadow between your brows with the help of your short-angled brush. The trick is to put the color very sparingly on the areas where the hair is sparse.
Groom brows

I like to draw a very light line at the very start of my brows and without taking any further colour, I blend that line with short stiff upward strokes.
groom brows

Step 4:  To create a guideline of sorts, I draw a faint line at the start of my brows, where the brow naturally arches and at the very end. This helps in creating a frame within which I fill the colour and blend it thoroughly between the brow hair.
Eyebrow shaping

Step 5:  Start blending the lines you have drawn in the direction of your hair. For example, at the start of your brows your hair naturally goes in an upward direction, so make sure you move and blend with the help of your brush in the upward direction as well.
beautiful brows

how to shape brows

Here you can clearly see the difference between the brow that has been filled in and the one that has not been. The right side of my face immediately starts to look sharper and more lifted than the left side of my face.

Step 6:  Comb your brows one last time to nicely distribute all the eyeshadow you have applied and also to lift the brow hair.
beautiful brows

Step 7:  Clean up and sharpen the edges of your brows by using your concealer on the skin around your brows.
how to shape brows

Step 8:  To uplift the arch of your brows, use a bone colour, satin finish eye shadow right underneath the arch of your brow and blend across.
how to shape brows

how to shape brows

how to shape brows

There you go, just after these few simple steps you can get lovely, full, luscious brows.

Makeup look

how to fill in brows

About Umang Vanshika:
I eat, pray and love make-up. No wonder I turned out to be a make-up artist. I specialize in all kinds of make-up but I would say that bridal make up is my true forte. I’m a professional make up artist and a beauty Youtuber based out of New Delhi. I love what I do and I’m deeply passionate about the world of beauty and fashion.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial Umang. First of all, you are very pretty. And second, thanks for the tutorial. I love enhancing my brows too. Will try this. 🙂

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