4 Kinds of Footwear Every Woman Must Own + My Footwear Collection

By Palak B

Hello ladies!

Let’s talk about something we all love – SHOES! A smart female once said , “There is no such things as too many shoes!” I am sure all of you agree. But with the ever-growing trends and reducing closet space, we can only accommodate so many shoes at once. So I have zeroed-in on some “must-have pieces” that will be versatile and will complete the look of every outfit. Let’s begin!

4 Kinds of Footwear Every Woman Must Own

1. Heels

high heel sandals

If you want to feel confident and sexy, put on a pair of heels! You will instantly see yourself as taller, thinner and sexier. Heels are of different types as well. I suggest, you find the heel length that is comfortable for you and that you can carry without worrying about tripping over or twisting your ankle. It doesn’t have to be 6 inches just because you saw a model wearing it. If 4 inches work for you, that’s great too!

Classic Black Heels

black killer heels

These are a must-have as they go well with just about anything. If you are wearing jeans, skirt or a dress, a classic pair of black heels will never look wrong with anything. Any color or print will work with it. So make sure to find yourself a nice and comfortable pair of black heels in the heel length of your choice.

Statement Heels

party heels

Once you have got the black heels off your list, time to move on to something more eye catching and sparkling! Yes, find yourself some nice and fancy pair that will grab everyone’s eyes for all the right reasons!

beautiful glittery high heels

They could be tie-ups, ankle straps, glittery, peep-toe, color block, just about anything! They will add more element and color to your look and can instantly add glamour to any outfit.

2. Wedges

must have wedge heels

Who said fashion can’t be comfortable? If you are going to be standing, dancing or walking for long hours, wedges can be very comfortable to be in. They have the height of a heel but comfort of a platform! Time to find a nice beige pair of wedges in neutral tones to make it go with everything and anything.

formal wedge heels

Indian or Western, day or night, nude wedges will be your best friends. You can also try strappy, fringed or animal print wedges to make it more interesting. Make sure to keep the entire look neutral when playing with different colors and prints.

party wedges

3. Flats

casual bellerina

Flats are of different types as well. These are essential when you have to run-around looking cute and peppy. Some must-haves would be a classic pair of ballerinas with some interesting detailing to add to its look or slip-ons in vibrant colors.


Can also try metallic flats in shades of gold, silver and grey. They work well with dresses, shorts and jeans and can be worn in just about any time.

Flip flops are unavoidable for summers and you can pick amongst thousands of them in hues of neons and other rainbow shades. They fall in sync with the Indian tunics and suits as well. Make sure your feet are all groomed to add to the beauty of it.

4. Boots

ankle boots

Boots are essential for winters as they keep you warm and stylish. Mid-length boots are of more utility than low or knee-high boots. Also opt for low heel so you can wear it quickly anywhere. Boots make the look edgy and apt for the weather. If you feel boots are of use only for the 2-3 months of winter, you can probably do with a stylish pair of booties as well that can be worn in fall and spring as well.

So there you have it! If you can’t have it all, at least make the max of whatever you do have. No need to spend a fortune and bombard your closet with shoes you will hardly ever wear. Quality over quantity is always a wise choice to make.

Happy shopping!

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  1. loved your collection palak and those glittery pumps… soo pretty!!! ^_^ and yes i have a nice boots collection. love them to bits! Thank you for sharing the pic. :))

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