10 Must-Have Tops for Summers

Hi ladies,
I went to the famous Kamla Nagar market here in Delhi and I was wearing a sweater that I couldn’t even take off! I was literally fried from the heat. It felt like I was walking on a hot summer afternoon. As for you ladies, summers will be here in no time. New season means new clothes, so here is a list of some must-have tops, tees and shirts to breeze through those crazy summer days!

10 Must-Have Tops for Summers

1. Tunic
They are carefree and free flowing and you get them in so many fabrics. Sheer tunics are like a breeze of air on a hot day.

2. White tee
white tee
This is the quintessential clothing item. You can go for a basic jeans and tee look or you can make it dressy by wearing a summer blazer over it. It ought to look good!

3. Shell top
shell top
Shell tops can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Shell tops can be paired with jackets and tucked in those pencil skirts for a glamorous yet formal look.

4. Silk top
silk top
There are endless possibilities with a silk blouse. You can dress it up or dress it down according to the occasion. These kinds of silk blouses can unleash the feminine side in you in an instant and can make you look sophisticated and chic.

5. Striped tee
This classic print looks good in every clothing form. They come in endless color schemes and cuts to suit your liking. You can go for vertical stripes for lengthening effect or horizontal stripes if you want to add a bit of bulk to your skinny frame.

6. Peplum top
peplum top
The peplum trend is so in rage and is here to stay. This is not just a passing track. A structured peplum top adds femininity to your overall look. You can wear it over a skirt or trousers to look gorgeous any time of the day.

7. Sequined/embellished top
This is a top that makes a statement and does not need any accessories to make it look good. Cute embellishments or delicate sequins are great for those hasty party invitations or date nights.

8. Crop top
crop top
There is a crop top for every body shape. You’ve got to try a crop top if you haven’t already. You can wear them over high waisted jeans, shorts or skirts. They make a perfect summer staple.

9. Button down shirt
It could be plain, chambray, denim, cotton or anything for that matter. Invest in 2-3 button down shirts that will save you the hassle of deciding the clothes when you feel you have nothing to wear 😛

10. Tube top
tube top
If you have the body to flaunt this fun-flirty clothing item, then by all means flaunt it! You can even wear this under your sheer clothes.
I, for sure, will never be able to wear one in this lifetime! Weight issues you see.

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