10 Things That Can Instantly Turn Any Woman Off

We all are constantly looking for healthy, happy relationships. Often, guys do things which irritate and turn us off. Read on to know which ten things turn off women the most.

10 Things which Can Instantly Turn Any Woman Off2

1. Abusing

Abusive and offensive language is a big no-no for us. Just because someone scratched your car or pushed you, doesn’t need you to start a tirade of expletives and cheap language. Plus, using abusive words for relationship fights makes us want to leave you right away.

2. Checking Out Other Women

10 Things which Can Instantly Turn Any Woman Off

Okay, you admire beauty? Wait dude, you have a beautiful woman sitting right across you and your gaze is still lurking on women? Thank you, but we don’t want guys like you.

3. Boasting or Lying

Exaggerating, saying lies and boasting to us doesn’t make you a hero in our eyes. Instead your stupidity, dishonesty and ego is reflected in your words. We, girls, are happier with guys who are genuine and simple.

4. Disheveled Appearance

10 Things which Can Instantly Turn Any Woman Off

Dirty hands and nails? Unkempt hair? It doesn’t make you look effortlessly stylish, instead we wonder how we could be in a relationship with someone who is unable to put in a little effort in appearance.

5. Unhygienic Habits

Spitting and urinating in public places, farting and burping, picking your nose instantly turn us off! And don’t beg for second chances if you can’t change these habits.

6. Being Completely Insensitive 

We adore you, and expect your support especially in times of crisis. If you can’t handle us at our worst, do you really deserve us at our best?

7. Calling Us Feminazi

We are NOT. We just want to be respected and treated equally in every walk of life. And we can show the door to anyone who trespasses on our rights and labels us feminazi.

8. Not Respecting Our Family

10 Things which Can Instantly Turn Any Woman Off

Parents come first. I might love you, but you are not entitled to say anything bad about my parents. Show your love, respect and appreciation for them, and see our love for you growing stronger.

9. Being Self Obsessed

As much as we hate ungroomed looks, we don’t want a narcissist either, or someone who is extremely conceited. Be concerned about our wellbeing too and we will be happy with you.

10. Absolutely No Humor

A little dose of humor is needed to add spice to our mundane lives. Women love men who can make them laugh. Laugh at our jokes (even if you think they are lame) and enthrall us with your wits. A very serious person might be a huge turn off for most women.

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