REVEALED : Top 10 Beauty Secrets of The Gorgeous French Women

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A quintessential French girl is so alluring in the way she dresses, she looks and the way she behaves. There is a certain kind of aura and mystery around French women. They don’t rush through their lives like we do. Their skin, hair and little makeup look so perfect, all the time. Let’s find out the secrets behind the appealing power of a French women.

REVEALED Top 10 Beauty Secrets of The Gorgeous French Women5

1. They invest in a good skincare regimen

The best way to have a healthy looking skin is a good skincare regimen. French women are so meticulous about their skincare regimen. They start taking care of their skin from very young age. Instead of waiting for a certain age and then caring for their skin, they start quite early. This makes their skin glow from within and immune to environmental issues.

2. They spend a lot of time doing their nails

REVEALED Top 10 Beauty Secrets of The Gorgeous French Women2

Haven’t you heard of that elegant French manicure? French women are very particular about their nails. Their nails are always on point, no matter what. They also like to scrub their hands with a mixture of coarse sea salt granules and a little olive oil. Hands and toes are often the most overlooked places. Spend some quality time with your tips and toes and give them some TLC too, just like the French women do.

3. Less is more when it comes to makeup

They spend a lot of time on caring for their skin and less time on doing their makeup. They don’t like to look all made up. They are happy with their neutrals, soft tints and red pouts. They are not too audacious when it comes to fashion.

4. They know the power of essential oils

REVEALED Top 10 Beauty Secrets of The Gorgeous French Women

They like to use homemade concoctions made with essential oils on their skin. Essential oils do wonders for the skin and help in maintaining the youthful appearance of skin. They also help in delaying the aging process. This is why you can never really guess the age of a typical French woman.

5. Perfume is a necessary step in their daily routine

“Wear your perfume like you wear your lingerie!” – this saying is so true in case of French women. Perfumes are not an option for them, but something they like to use and splurge on. They like to keep a stock of different perfumes and choose one according to the mood they are in. They like to go for soft, subtle and feminine notes, and not too overpowering ones.

6. They like their wine

REVEALED Top 10 Beauty Secrets of The Gorgeous French Women1

Wine drinking is not indulgence, but a part of their culture. They like to have a glass or two of red wine almost every day. Red wine is full of antioxidants and has so many health benefits like maintaining heart health, improving blood circulation and also many anti aging benefits.

7. They take cold showers

Instead of going for steamy hot showers, they like to take cold showers. If they do take warm showers, then they finish off with cold water to lock in the moisture as warm or hot water can strip the skin of natural oils.

8. Red pouts are everywhere

REVEALED Top 10 Beauty Secrets of The Gorgeous French Women3

They take excellent care of their skin and like to use minimal makeup, but love to flaunt their red pouts. A red lippie can brighten up any face and they know it better than anyone else.

9. They love to pamper their skin with face masks and massages

They know the power of a good face massage as it can increase the blood circulation on your face and can provide a radiant glow to it. They use homemade face masks made with various kitchen ingredients every week without fail. And we all know consistency is really important when it comes to skin care.

10. They don’t fuss with their hair

REVEALED Top 10 Beauty Secrets of The Gorgeous French Women4

They don’t like to wash their hair too much and do not use too many styling tools on their tresses either. They like to embrace their natural wavy textured hair. They also believe in the power of a good crisp hair cut as it can make so much difference in the appearance of any woman. And if all else fail, they always have their messy French buns.

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