10 Tips to Nail the Eid Makeup Perfectly

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We all want our festive makeup to look perfect. Eid makeup can be challenging as the weather is too hot and humid. You need to look gorgeous without making your makeup melt in the summer. Also, at times it can be tough to choose the perfect finish and shades. In this post, you will get some general tips to look absolutely stunning in your Eid makeup.

1. Create a Flawless Base:

Your base makeup needs to be perfect, if you want your makeup to be noticed. Your great eye makeup will be ruined if your foundation cracks. Use a good primer and apply a good quality foundation on top. You can choose matte or dewy finish according to your skin type. Do not grab a foundation that will be too drying or matte. You can also use a makeup oil to spread the foundation evenly, make it stay in place and look natural yet full coverage.

2. Go for Arabic Eye Makeup

Close-up of woman eye with arabic makeup

Nothing will look better than an Arabic eye makeup with your hijab. Even if you are not wearing a hijab, Arabic eye makeup looks pretty intense and interesting. Play with colored liners and shadows that match and contrast with your dress.

3. Do Not Forget the Lashes

Your eye makeup won’t be complete without longer and fuller lashes. Use mascaras that add both length and volume to the lashes. You can also use false lashes because nothing is too much during the festivals.

4. Add some Glitter

Brushes for make-up on the eye shadow palettes

Glitters look absolutely stunning during the festive season. You can add some glitter on your eyes. You can either opt for a glittery shadow or a glittery liner. You can also try some glitter nail art. As glitter nail polishes are easily available, you can try the nail art at home.

5. Go Metallic

Instead of big chunky glitters, you can also use some metallic products. You can use them on your eyes and also on your lips. As metallic lipsticks are much in demand these days, this look will be a big hit.

6. Mild Contour

Face Makeup in studio

A little contouring never hurts. Do not try to do very harsh contouring. Keep it light and sober. You can just use powder products to create a light handed contoured effect.

7. Add some Rosy Blush

Blush is an essential part of festive makeup. Do not go for too deep colors like berry or red. Opt for softer shades of corals and pinks. A natural flush of color on the cheeks make the makeup look complete.

8. Highlight the Cheekbones

Beautiful woman face

To add some more definition to your face, highlight the cheekbones. You can use a cream highlighter to get a very natural glow. You can try a rose gold color as it suits everyone and looks great during the festive season.

9. Add Some Gloss

Matte lips look too drying and won’t be perfect for the festive mood. Try to go some cream lipstick or add some gloss over the lipstick. You can either use a transparent gloss or choose a colored one to add some more color.

10. Set your Makeup

Beautiful young woman applying hydrating makeup setting spray on her face.

You do not want your effort to be ruined by sweat and oil. Fix your makeup using a fixing spray and hold the flawless look for hours. Try to use a fixing spray that illuminates the look and you will definitely look pretty and perfectly ready for the festivity.

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