13 Makeup and Beauty Crimes That Need to Stop Right Now!!

13 Makeup and Beauty Crimes That Need to Stop Right Now!!

Hola people!! Happy New Years and hope God will fulfill all your wishes, this coming year.

Beauty; what is it? Is it a perception, or a way of our life, or just an illusion that we have made it out to be? I will tell you. For me beauty is a part of me. It is something entirely mine, created by almighty, but passed on to me, for he believes that I would care for it as a precious gift. And, I believe, that this is the way most of us have perceived the concept of beauty. Makeup and skincare, is another tool for us, to just enhance and preserve what is ours, but unfortunately, there are some criminals amongst us, who have made it a point to use these tools to destroy the beautiful canvas that their face is and at the same time, make us all visibly cringe. Let us have a look at some of the makeup disasters that we have to witness on a daily basis.

13 Makeup Beauty Crimes

1. Overly Dark and Defined Eyebrows

13 Makeup Beauty Crimes

This is indeed a makeup crime and I will tell you why. If you use a dark and close to black shade, and literally paint your eyebrows; carving out sharp edges, it will not make you look like Deepika Padukone. It will make you look like “Kroor Singh” from Chandrakanta.

Tip: Always use a soft, dark brown shade, and fill in the gaps, in the direction of your eyebrow hair. Pat off the excess color to give a softer look.

2. Extremely Thin Eyebrows

13 Makeup Beauty Crimes

Don’t torture your brows, and always tweeze or thread according to your face shape. Extremely thin or sparse eyebrows give a very harsh look to the face, not to mention, that it looks very unnatural. It looks as bad as its counterpart in point 1, i.e. overly dark brows. Remember, the shape and filling of your brows can make and break your look. Balance it well.

3. Dark Lip Liner

13 Makeup Beauty Crimes

Though this was a very old trend, a disastrous one at that too. I still find some people, who have made it a point to ruin their whole look with this one. Lip liners are meant to define the edges of your lips, so that your lip colors doe not bleed, especially dark ones.

4. Touching up day old makeup

13 Makeup Beauty Crimes

Visible cringe!! Collective cringe!! Did you think the worst you could do was sleep with your makeup on? Think again. There are ladies, who think that a slept over makeup, with a few swipes and touch ups here and there; in the morning can give their skin all the glory that it needs. Wrong! Your skin will be ridded with all the possible problems.

5. Just Focusing on the Face

13 Makeup Beauty Crimes

If you have witnessed weddings, you might have come across many people who tend to forget that their neck and ears are extension of their face too. Now, I know not everyone is a makeup pro, but honestly, this is common sense. Don’t they know that different colored ears and neck, in the photographs would only make them feel embarrassed?

makeup tips

6. Too much Blush/Bronzer

13 Makeup Beauty Crimes

Again, we can find these offenders at some or the other wedding. Too much blush never makes you look healthily flushed; it makes you look like a clown. Similarly, too much bronzer gives you a very heavily faked tan, which doesn’t look good. Tan only looks good if it goes well will your complexion, and if you are a pro at contouring. If you are not well versed with these, please keep your bronzer aside.

7. Bold Eyes + Bold Lips = Fashion Disaster #1

13 Makeup Beauty Crimes

Rocking both things together never ends up in a memorable way, even if you are attending a wedding. We usually sport a bold eye, to enhance it and keep the rest of the features subtle. When you go for a bold lip color, keep your eyes subtle.

8. Unblended makeup

13 Makeup Beauty Crimes

And this, is not just about the eyeshadow shades that haven’t been blended on the lid and crease. I have seen faces with unblended blushes, and also, god forbid! Unblended compact and face powders. The first and foremost makeup rule, is to blend, blend and blend. HD cameras pick these unblended parts of yours face too easily, and unless you want a picture of yours to be tagged in the “Hall of Shame” of makeup culprits, refrain from doing so. This image of Nicole Kidman, has probably become a “holy grail” example of unblended mineral makeup.

9. Clumpy Lashes

13 Makeup Beauty Crimes

This can happen due to variety of reasons. Maybe because you used mascara that was not good enough to separate your lashes, or maybe your application technique was faulty. Whatever might be the reason, but make sure that whenever you apply mascara, your lashes are properly separated and curled. Use an eyelash curler first to avoid this.

10. Pumping up Mascara Wand

13 Makeup Beauty Crimes
If you want more product on the mascara wand, swirl it inside the tube. Pumping it will only procure more bacteria, and reduce the already short shelf life of your product.

11. Too Light Concealer

13 Makeup Beauty Crimes

Contrary to the popular opinion, that concealer should be a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, I believe, that instead it should provide more coverage and be of the same shade as your foundation/bb cream; or at the most, a little light to provide some illuminating camouflage. The reason behind this is, that if you use too light a shade, it will only highlight the areas that you want to conceal, and make it pop out.

12. Flaky Lip Color

13 Makeup Beauty Crimes

This is a problem, rather than a crime, that we all have faced once in a while. To avoid it, scrub your still moist lips with your toothbrush, in the morning, and then apply your lip balm, on regular intervals. Flaky lip colors give a very unhealthy and unkept look to your face as a whole.

13. Bleeding Lipstick

13 Makeup Beauty Crimes

Again, even this one thing which is more of a problem, that turns into a crime. If you love wearing red, you will definitely understand what I am trying to say here. Because red is the only dark color that bleeds a lot. To avoid it, always and I say that again, always use a base beneath, and outline your lips with a liner first, before filling in your favorite red. The liner and base will prevent the bleeding, and save you from being a beauty criminal.

So beauties, this was my list of beauty crimes that we all witness on an occasional basis, here and there, everywhere. If you know of some other, please make an addition. Till then, love you all, Ciao!! 😀 😀

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39 thoughts on “13 Makeup and Beauty Crimes That Need to Stop Right Now!!

  1. Ughh ….the ‘Lip Liner’ crime…..God I feel like pulling the ‘criminal’ aside and lecturing them ….even if they are strangers -_-
    Foundation “only on face” – I have been guilty of this one….. 🙁 because my neck skin is dry and all my products are for oily skin….so I just put a lot of powder to make up for it :/

    1. Lip liner one has made me visibly cringe, innumerable times. 🙁 Yours is still better, you know I ended up wearing the wrong shade of foundation which was not even blended properly. Now I realize on seeing the pics. 🙁 That was obviously before IMBB came into my life. 😉

  2. I had a problem of flaky lip color but I use lip scrub now…I stay away from most of the makeup just because I am afraid I would not be able to do it well! 🙁
    And kadambari all your amazing posts reminds me of an article on deepika padukone…ek ke baad ek sab super hits!! 😀 😀

    1. Even I used to be scared earlier, but now I do it like a pro, at least people tell me that. 😀 And it feels good Bhawana, to enhance your looks, there is nothing different. Just start slow. 🙂 And this is the best compliment that I have got so far. Thaaaaaanks. 🙂

  3. Kads…good one but I think dark eyes do go well with bold lips….not defined dark eyes buy yes smokey eyes paired with bold lips are sexy if done properly….

    1. Yes Mimosa you are right. It goes well, if done properly, and in a balanced way. Here I am talking about those cases, who put on bold thick lines of kohl with too shadow and mascara, and then pair it up with too many layers of dark lip color. It really looks weird then. If balanced, and kept natural and defined, it looks good. 🙂

  4. I wear winged liner with red lips…. Have I been doing it all wrong.. This post is making me feel guilty… :(…. Help…

    1. Areyyyy no Shatarupa 🙂 the way you wear your liners is perfectly in sync with your makeup. What I mean is that when you totally tightline and outline your eyes, with a smoky shadow look, and then you define the lips by filling it with too much of dark lip color. 🙂 A soft tightlinig or smokey look is perfectly fine as long as you balance both lip and eye makeup. 🙂

  5. OMG..how did you get those matchy matchy photographs. They suit exactly to the subtitles. Greatly written as always 🙂

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