11 Healthy Eating Habits to Avoid Weight Gain at Workplace

By Grisha Gupta

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Half the women population on this planet is trying to lose weight. Exercising is just not enough. We need to watch our food habits as well. This is most important for working women. At home, we can cook some healthy snack, but during office hours, that is just not possible. Also, under stress some people find junk food relieving. This makes losing weight difficult for women in offices. Let’s look at 11 ways that’ll prevent weight gain.

Practice These 11 Healthy Eating Habits to Avoid Weight Gain at Workplace3

1. Swear by Fibre Loaded Snacks

Practice These 11 Healthy Eating Habits to Avoid Weight Gain at Workplace1

Always carry small fiber loaded snacks with you if you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Baby carrots, apples and nuts are rich in fibres and can boost your energy levels. Apples contain high levels of antioxidants. These help in supporting the health of your cardiovascular system. Nuts are good sources of protein and healthy fat, and carrots contain vitamin A. This will help you in keeping preoccupied when you’re bored.

2. Keep Your Energy Levels High

A good way to avoid temptation is by keeping the energy levels high. Once the energy levels drop, we tend to seek carbs and simple sugar which boost the energy for a short term period, but at the end, makes us feel low. To avoid this, decrease the caffeine intake and increase water intake.

3. Never Skip Breakfast

Practice These 11 Healthy Eating Habits to Avoid Weight Gain at Workplace

It is the most important meal and a good breakfast can help you go a long way. Have a very nutritious and heavy breakfast that won’t let you feel hunger pangs before lunch hour.

4. Sleep Well Every Night

Our bodies are more likely to crave junk and munchies when it is tired. A good night’s sleep can help you keep your energy levels high and can also help you avoid temptations that your colleagues might offer you.

5. Don’t Give in to Peer Pressure

Peer pressure also makes us grab a pizza instead of a salad. If you’re determined to take that extra mile, plan in advance. Let your peers know that you’re eating healthy and encourage them to join you in the process.

6. Have Small Healthy Meals

Practice These 11 Healthy Eating Habits to Avoid Weight Gain at Workplace2

When you’re beyond hungry, your body tends to find comfort in junk food rather than in a bowl of salad. Prepare small lunches and healthy snacks in advance, and carry these little, healthy meals to your office.

7. Eat Smarter During Periods

When your monthly devil hits, keep foods rich in potassium and iron nearby. You can also take supplements before your periods. We all find junk food comforting when those mood swings hit especially in the office where we cannot lie down and relax. I tend to eat a full bar of chocolate to relieve the cramps. You can eat nuts and bananas to help those cramps when eating healthy.

8. Be Careful During Nights

Avoid late night drinking habits. This increases your temptation to grab junk food.

9. Have The Heart to Say No

Despite all planning, people will offer you junk food. Have the heart to say no. Don’t think of offending someone, if you don’t want the sweets, just say no.

10. Sugar is The Biggest Devil of Them All

Practice These 11 Healthy Eating Habits to Avoid Weight Gain at Workplace4

Reduce your overall sugar intake. The more sugar you’ll eat, the more your body will demand. So instead of giving in to candies, donuts, chocolates etc, opt for naturally sweet fruits.

11. Eat more Fruits and Veggies

Don’t skip meals and add a portion of fruits and veggies to each meal. This will not only provide your with all the necessary nutrients, but will also keep you fuller for longer.

I hope these tips will help you in your conquest to reach a healthy lifestyle. I hope you succeed and motivate others around you to take this step as well. 🙂

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